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The occupations were mostly hunting and gathering forest produce.

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Q: What were the occupations of the people in the mauryan empire?
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What did people in the Mauryan Dynasty trade?

This question is an error. There is no such thing as the Mauryan Dynasty, only the Mauryan Empire. The Mauryan Empire it from INDIA, not CHINA. All the Chinese dynasty names are one syllable. Like han, ching, zhou, tang, song, and all that

How many years existed between the Mauryan and Gupta empires?

The Mauryan Dyanst lasted 136 years. From 321 B.C to 185 B.C..

Who is the Indian leader that helped expand the mauryan Empire?

Chandragupta Maurya

How did the mauryan and gupta empires differ in boundaries?

There are many differences. One key difference is Religion where the Mauryans followed Buddhism and the Gupta Empire followed Hinduism. Other differences are from how each empire collapsed. The Mauryan Empire collapsed due to dynastic siputes and invasions. The Gupta Empire collapsed because of the corrupt governors, little central control, and pressure from the huns.

Why did the mauryan dynasty prosper under Asoka?

Mauryan Empire after Ashoka Ashoka's embrace of Buddhism has been said to have been the foundation of the reign of social and political peace and non-violence across all of India. Ashoka sponsored the spreading of Buddhist ideals into Sri_Lanka , Southeast Asia, West Asia and Mediterranean Europe This occured after Ashoka attacked the civilization of Kalinga.... Did this peace and halt on empire expansion and violence persist until the end of the Mauryan Empire or did the peace start falling apart after Ashoka died and was succeeded?

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Which empire was larger the mauryan or gupta?

The Mauryan Empire is the largest

How many soldiers were in the Mauryan empire?

There were 1,000,000,000,000 weiners in the Mauryan Empire.

What a difference between the Mauryan Empire and the Gupta Empire?

The Mauryan Empire was larger than the Gupta Empire.

What is a difference between the Mauryan Empire and the Gupta Empire?

The Mauryan Empire was larger than the Gupta Empire.

Which Indian empire was larger mauryan or the guptan?

Gupta empire was larger than mauryan empire.

Was Pakistan under the Mauryan Empire?

Southwest Pakistan was under the Mauryan Empire.

Who found the mauryan empire in India?

Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire.

Which dynasty built India's first empire?

Mauryan is the dynasty that built India's first empire.

What empire in India had civil service workers a powerful army and an army of spies?

The Mauryan Empire

Which dynasty built indias first great empire?

The Mauryan dynasty built India's first great empire.

Which empire is most important Mauryan Gupta or Persian?

The Persian Empire was important to Western Asia, the Mauryan Empire was important to India.

Who should be given credit for the establishment of mauryan empire?

Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire in 332 BC.