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Captain James Stirling explored the Swan River in 1827.

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Q: When did James Stirling visit the Swan River?
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What is foundation day?

Foundation Day is a Western Australian public holiday. It commemorates the day that the first European settlers arrived in Western Australia and found the swan river on the 1st of June in 1829. So now each year we celebrate Foundation Day.

How many convicts were transported to Western Australia?

For the first fifteen years of the colony of Swan River, Western Australia, the people were all free settlers, and did not want to accept convicts. The idea was raised occasionally, mainly by people who wanted convict labour for building projects. The argument for convicts in Western Australia gained impetus in 1845 when the York Agricultural Society petitioned the Legislative Council to bring convicts out from England. Their reasons were that Western Australia's economy was at great risk due to an extreme shortage of labour. Whilst later examination of the circumstances proves that there was no such shortage of labour in the colony, the petition found its way to the British Colonial Office, which in turn agreed to send out a small number of convicts to Swan River. Following the transportation of the first convicts to WA, between 1850 and 1868, 9721 convicts were transported to Western Australia.

Australia was founded as a British colony for?

Australia, or New South Wales as the eastern coast was then known, was originally a penal colony, meaning it was a colony for convicts from Great Britain. Australia was first colonised by the British in order to relieve the overly full British prisons. However, only relatively small parts of Australia were used as penal settlements. Indigenous Australians inhabited the rest of the continent as well. As well as Sydney (the first settlement in New South Wakes), convict colonies were begun in Victoria, Moreton Bay (Queensland), Hobart and Newcastle. The colony of South Australia was never a penal settlement. Swan River (Perth) began as a free settlement, but convicts were sent there later as free labour.

Does MI7 exist?

MI7 (Military Intelligence Section 7, UK) used to exist, but it doesn't anymore. See Related Link below the ads... There is also a motorway in Britain caled the M17. This still exists, it runs near Manchester. There is also an M17 motorway in Galway, Eire. The Swan Nebula, also known as Messier 17, or M17, still exists, well, on second thoughts, given the speed of light, perhaps it doesn't anymore!

What inventions were created during queen Victoria's reign?

1851 Ice Cream is invented by Jacob Fussell, in the USA 1852 The first public flushing toilet opens in London. Before the 1850s most people had to use an earth closet, which was a toilet outside the house with just soil in it and no water. 1854 Henry Bessemer found a way to convert iron into steel, which was both stronger and lighter than iron. This made it possible to build huge structures such as bridges and ships. 1855 Lundstrom's new safety match first gains recognition 1856 Louis Pasteur found how to make food safer to eat by pasteurizing it. This killed bacteria in certain foods. 1859 Oil discovered in the USA leads to the birth of the modern oil industry. 1860 The first horse-drawn tram 1863 The world's first underground railway (the Tube) is opened in London. It is powered by steam. 1864 The world's first jelly babies were made by an Austrian called Herr Steinbeck in Lancashire. 1872 Invention of the penny-farthing bicycle. by British engineer, James Starley. The huge front wheel was almost six feet from top to bottom. and the seat was above the wheel. It had no brakes! 1873 Typewriter invented by Christopher Sholes 1875 The first chocolate Easter eggs were made by Fry's of Bristol. 1876 Alexander Bell, a Scotsman living in America, invented the telephone on 7 March 1876. By 10 March 10 his apparatus was so good that the first complete sentence transmitted, "Watson, come here; I want you,"was distinctly heard by his assistant. 1877 The world's first recording of the human voice is heard when the inventor of the phonograph, Thomas Edison, reciting 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' and played it back 1878 Electric street lighting began in London, replacing the old gas lamps, which had to be lit by hand every evening. (Michael Faraday discovered electricity) 1879 The electric light bulb invented by Swan and Edison for home use. 1885 Safety Bicycle invented. It had a chain, sprocket driven rear wheel and equally sized wheels. 1883 First electric railway opened 1884 First British electric tram network opened in the seaside town of Blackpool. 1885 First petrol motorcar built by Karl Benz. A three-wheeled vehicle powered by a one-cylinder gasoline engine. The speed limit for cars was four miles per hour. It was increased to 20 miles per hour in 1896. 1887 The invention of the gramophone by Emile Berliner 1888 John Boyd Dunlop invented pneumatic tyres. 1888 Photography became even more popular with invention of the Kodak box camera by American inventor George Eastman. Eastman's invention of the film roll and camera meant that photography became popular across the world. He named his camera Kodak because he liked the letter 'K'. 1894 Moving pictures (cinematographe) invented by Lumiere brothers. 1890 The first electric underground train to travel on a public railway ran in London on December 18. 1890 The first comic book to ever be published in Britain was printed. It was called Comic Cuts 1891 The first hydroelectric power station. making electricity from fast flowing water. 1895 X-rays discovered by W K Roentgen 1895 Guglielmo Marconi launches the wireless (radio)

Related questions

What land did James Stirling find and when?

swan river

Who was the first governor of Swan River?

The first governor of the Swan River colony, Western Australia, was James Stirling.

What were the worthwhile contributions Governor James Stirling made?

Governer stirling almost single-handedly persuaded the British goverment to start a settlement in the Swan river colony

Why did Stirling settle in Swan River?

because he needed to do a poo

Where did Captain Stirling go?

He explored the Swan River region (now Perth) of Australia.

What did James Stirling discover?

James Stirling is Governor of the Swan River colony in Western Australia from 1829 until 1932. During that time, he led exploration parties through the coastal districts near the Swan, Murray, Collie, Preston, Blackwood and Vasse Rivers of Western Australia. He was instrumental in organising the establishment of the first agricultural settlements in the southwest, staving off starvation in the new colony.

Who Discovered Perth Western Australia?

No-one discovered Perth, as Perth is a city which was built after the southwestern corner of Australia was discovered.While Dirk Hartog was the first to land on Western Australia's shores, the Swan River (where Perth was later built) was discovered and named by Dutchman Willem de Vlamingh.Once the eastern half of Australia had been colonied, Captain James Stirling conducted extensive surveys of the Swan River and the region that is now Perth. He recommended the Swan River area for settlement, a recommendation that was backed by his botanist, Charles Frazer.

How did the city of Perth Australia get its name?

It was not named after anybody. Captain James Stirling, from Lanarkshire, brought the first settlers to officially settle in Perth and established a new colony. Perth was originally called The Swan River Colony, then changed to Perth after the Scottish city of the same name, at a later date by Capt James Stirling who became governor of Australia.

Is the swan river natural or cultral?

The Swan river is a naturally occurring river in WA.

What is the Swan River?

The Swan River is the river around which the city of Perth, Western Australia, is built.

When was Swan River Honeyeater created?

Swan River Honeyeater was created in 1844.

What is the name of the river that runs through Perth?

The name of the river that runs through Perth is called Swan River, and Swan River is also the original home of the Black swan.