When did Prasutagus die?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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King Prasutagus died around the year 60 or 61 AD leaving his kingdom to his two daughters however the Caesar disregarded this and conquered the kingdom after a brief but spirited rebellion lead by Boadicea, his wife.

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King Prasutagus died around 60 or 61AD after being married to Queen Boudicca and having 2 daugters.

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Q: When did Prasutagus die?
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How did prasutagus die?

Prasutagus died either on 60AD or 61AD. He dies leaving his two daughters behind. The oldest one was Heanua and the youngest one was Lannosea.

Who was the husband of Queen Boudica?

Prasutagus was the husband of Boudica. For more information about King Prasutagus and Queen Boudica, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions and Related Links.

What happened when Prasutagus died in the roman times?

After Prasutagus' death his wife Boudicca rebelled against the Romans According to the ancient historian Tacitus, Boudicca was flogged and her daughters were raped when the Romans decided to take over her kingdom when Prasutagus, died. According to another ancient historian, Cassius Dio, Prasutagus had borrowed heavily from Roman financiers to finance his lavish lifestyle. When he died the creditors called in their loans and his subjects were liable for this large debt. The second story is more likely. Cassius Dio also said Seneca the Younger (the famous philosopher, dramatist and statesman) was among the creditors.

Did Boudicca have any siblings?

Yes, she had two daughters called Heanua and Lannosea. Little is known about them other than that they were raped by rogue Roman troops following the death of Boudicca's husband Prasutagus, who had been King of the powerful Iceni tribe and who had tried to ensure good relations with the Romans by making the then Roman Emperor, Nero, co-heir in his will. The Roman Governor of Britain, Gaius Paulinus, ignored this gesture and took advantage of Prasutagus's death to try and conquer the Iceni, imprisoning Boudicca, having her daughters sexually violated, killing or torturing many of the Iceni people, and siezing their land and assets. Both daughters took part in their mother's revolt against Roman rule, but committed suicide alongside her by drinking poison after the rebellion had been crushed.

How boudicca was captured if she was?

Boudicca was never captured, only imprisoned for a while by the treacherous Roman Governor of Britain Gaius Paulinus, following the death of Boudicca's husband King Prasutagus, ruler of the powerful Iceni tribe. Prasutagus had worked hard to build up good relations with the Roman occupiers, and sought to continue this goodwill by making the Roman Emperor Nero co-heir to his kingdom following his death. But Gaius Paulinus refused to honour the arrangement, imprisoning Boudicca, having her two daughters raped by rogue Roman troops, and siezing all the Iceni's land and assets. It was this that sparked the Boudiccan Revolt of 60 AD. Following the crushing of her rebellion the following year, both Boudicca and her daughters committed suicide by drinking poison rather than suffer the humiliation of being arrested and executed by the Roman authorities. Their burial place is unknown.