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It was in 1690-1691

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Q: When was Henry Kelsey's first voyage?
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What are Henry Kelseys discoveries?

He discovered the bison

What is Henry kelseys full name?

henry kelsey doo doo

What was Henry kelseys route?

Henry Kelsey went south and west of Hudson Bay and got as far as the Saskatchewan River.

Where did Henry Hudson sail from on his second voyage?

He went 3 months after his first voyage, in April 27, 1607

Did Henry Hudson fail his first voyage?


Who paid money for Henry Hudson's first voyage?

no one did

Where was Henry Hudson going on his first voyage?

North Pole

What year did henry hudson start his first voyage?


Where did Henry Hudson's first voyage begin?

He sailed on 1605

When did Henry Hudson's first voyage end?

1611 that's when Henry Hudson's voyage ended all of them idkk when his 1st voyage ended but all of them together ended at 1611 yeahhh

How old was Henry Hudson when he went on his first voyage?

37 years old he was born in 1570 and went on his first voyage in 1607

Henry Hudson voyages dates?

his first voyage is from 1607-1607his second voyage is from1608-16083 voyage 1609-16104 voyage 1610-1611? he was never seen again on his last trip with his son