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Q: When was Thomas Becket appointed chancellor by Henry II?
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What did Henry make Becket in 1154?

Henry appointed Becket as Chancellor in 1154.

What was thomas becket promise to King Henry II?

Thomas Beckett, or Thomas of London, promised to follow the constitution. He was appointed chancellor, and then changed his ways and no longer followed the constitution.

Archbishop of Canterbury appointed by Henry II and later murdered?

Thomas Becket

Archbishop of Canterbury appointed by Henry II and later murdered was?

Thomas Becket

What did King Henry chose Thomas Beckets to be?

Henry II chose Thomas Becket to be Chancellor (1155-1162) and then ABp of Canterbury (1162-1170)

Why was Thomas Becket so powerful?

Thomas Becket was noticed by the important powers in the church, and the Archbishop Canterbury made him archdeacon. When King Henry II needed a chancellor, Becket was suggested by the man who was archbishop at the time, and Henry and Becket soon became friends. Henry saw to it that Becket became Archbishop when the position became vacant, and this made Becket the most powerful cleric in Britain.

When was Thomas Becket made an archbishop?

Thomas Becket was made an archbishop in 1162, when he was appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury by King Henry II of England.

What was the basis of the conflict between Henry II and Thomas A Becket?

Saint Thomas Becket was chancellor of England and archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Henry II and was martyred following a bitter battle with the monarchy over royal control of church law.

Why did thomas becket have a new master for archbishop?

Thomas Becket was a good friend of and chancellor to the then King Henry II. He was the king's sponser for Archbishop of Canterbury-the leading post in the English Church-the waek papacy followed the king's wishes

Who was Thomas bekket?

Thomas Beckett was born probably in 1118 in England to a family of the minor Norman nobility. He was educated in church schools and became a valued employee of Theobald de Bec, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who recommended him to King Henry II. King Henry appointed Becket to be Chancellor of England in 1155. King Henry II appointed Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162.Becket resigned his post as Chancellor of England and devoted his energies to increasing the power of the church, which led to tension between him and the King. Becket was sent into exile and responded by excommunicating his political enemies.After intervention by Pope Alexander II, Becket returned to England in 1170 but continued to irritate the King who is alleged to have lost his temper and shouted: "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest!" Four of his knights rode to Canterbury and killed Becket inside the cathedral on 29 December 1170.Becket quickly became venerated as a holy martyr and was canonised by Pope Alexander III in 1173.

Why was thomas becket a trouble maker?

Thomas Becket was a troublemaker because he bought trouble and problems to Henry. When he resigned as chancellor this was called an unfriendly act and when Becket did this he decided that he would turn against the King and he would go along with the church as well . Also when he was in court he walked out and this was a very stupid thing to do and it caused trouble for Henry.

How did thomas Beckett and henrythe 2 become friends?

When Henry became king he appointed Thomas Becket as his chancellor. Becket's job was an important one as it involved the distribution of royal charters, writs and letters. The king and Becket soon became close friends.