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brittanie elizebeth asher

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Q: When were women not required to wear dresses?
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When did women stop wearing dresses?

Women still do wear dresses sometimes

What type of clothing do the Maltese wear?

men dresses and women dresses

Why do ancient Chinese women wear long sleeved dresses?

i do not know why they wear long sleeved dresses

What clothes do women wear in Mumbai?

the women in Mumbai wear saris and Punjabi dresses

Do women have to wear dresses at Wimbledon?


What did the Celtic women wear?

Dresses and rags

What do women wear in Argentina?

no panties

What clothing did women wear on the gold fields?

Women wear long dresses with corsets underneath the dresses. They wear comfortable boots. Maybe some jewellery and a nice hat.

Did women wear hightops in the 50's?

No. Only men/ boys did. Women weren't allowed to wear jeans, and were required to wear skirts and dresses to school and work. There was nothing like sweat pants, short shorts, or short skirts.

Did ladies wear dresses in the 1900s?

Yes, women were expected to wear dresses for most of the 20th C. Katherine Hepburn popularized trousers for women, but, until the 1970s, dresses were the preferred outfit for a woman.

Where do sarongs originate?

they are scottish dresses that the women wear.

Did women in the 1930s wear flapper dresses?