Where did the Tudors explore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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new world

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Q: Where did the Tudors explore?
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Why did tudors explore things?

Because they enjoyed it!

What other countries did the tudors explore?

Yes you did answer my question and I will always come on your website

Why did Tudors explore the world?

To intoduce new countries and to find spice and other foods around the world

Who was first Georgians or Tudors?

it was tudors, then stuarts, then georgians

Why did they Tudors Tudors?

The Tudors were called Tudors because that was their surname. The first Tudor king's name was Henry Tudor.

Did Tudors wear bras?


How are rich Tudors different to poor Tudors?

Rich Tudors have nicer food, clothing and lifestyle.

Did the Tudors have celebrities?

In their time, the Tudors WERE the celebrities! :-)

Did the poor Tudors work for the rich Tudors?

yes they did

What are some movies about the Tudors?

BBC America's The Tudors

What is the duration of The Tudors?

The duration of The Tudors is 3300.0 seconds.

What continent did the tudors not discover?

Continents discovered by the Tudors