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English and French are the official languages of Canada and have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and Government of Canada

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Q: Where does English and french have equal status in Canada?
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Who were active and passive citizens in the french revolution?

The men above 25 years of age who paid taxes equal to at least 3 days of a laborers wage were given the status of active citizens and were given the right to vote.Where as the others were considered passive citizens and were not entitled to vote.

What was representation by population Rep. By. Pop. By the way I think it was created by George Brown?

Under the Act of Union, which became effective in 1841, Canada West and Canada East were given an equal number of representatives in Parliament. The British population of United Canada, who wished to ensure equal Parliamentary representation, had requested this measure.

Disadvantages of Canada west joining confederation?

"Canada West" was not a political entity. It was part of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. "Canada West" was a geographical name that was applied to the territory of the former colony of Upper Canada between February 10, 1841, and July 1, 1867, i.e., between the the Act of Union and Confederation.

What was a goal of the Paris Commune in 1871?

Begun in March, 1871 following France's capitulation in the Franco-Prussian War, the Paris Commune was a social movement led by anarchists, Marxists, and others dissatisfied with their status under the French government. They were determined to institute self-rule for the city, and many resident soldiers sided with the Commune and its constituent groups. Among their goals were: -- separation of Church and state -- military pensions for families of deceased French militiamen -- an end to all-night work schedules -- equal wages and legal status for women

What happened to ideas about freedom and independence during the french revolution?

Is that people believed in the French Revolution . They think that everyone should have the same balance of power

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Give an example of where English and french have equal status in Canada?

New Brunswick

What languages do people speak in Canada besides French?

English is the language spoken by a majority of Canadians. French and English are Canada's Official Languages and they have equal status.

What is official language act 1969?

It was a Canadian law gave English and French equal status in the government of Canada.

Where English and french has equal status in Canada?

In schools. Particularly grades 6-9, where they teach french and english, for the same amount of periods in the school year. (At least in Ontario, because that's where I went to school)

Which Canadian province has a large french population?

Québec. ====== Eastern and Northeastern Ontario have significant French-speaking populations, as does Manitoba. New Brunswick is Canada's only Officially Bilingual province. French is also spoken in many pockets across Canada. French and English are Canada's Official Languages and have equal status.

Is English spoken in Canada?

Most of Canada speaks English. (They also speak "Francias")Yes Canada is an English speaking country. Other languages are spoken including Spanish and Asian languages.__Canada is a bilingual country - English and French.French and English are Canada's Official Languages. While more Canadians speak English than speak French, the two Official Languages have equal status.

What are some of the languages that Canadians speak?

Canada is a culturally diversified country. As such, almost every language and dialect in the world is spoken in Canada. French and English, however, are Canada's two "Official Languages," and they have equal status. While English is the working language of the majority of Canadians, an overwhelming number of Québecers have French as their working language. New Brunswick is Canada's only "Officially Bilingual" province and most New Brunswickers can function in both English and French. French is also widely spoken throughout eastern and northeastern Ontario, as well as in many pockets across the country.

Why are English and French spoken in the US and Canada?

Colonists came to North America from both England and France, and created English and French colonies where those languages were spoken; later those colonies became the US and Canada, but the languages remained. (Note that in the US, only New Orleans still has any significant remnant of the French language, in the form of the Cajun dialect, whereas Canada has a much larger amount of French speakers, particularly in the province of Quebec.) =============================================================================== French and English are Canada's Official Languages. They have equal status. It is part of the formal recognition that the French and the English are Canada's two founding peoples. Nevertheless, several hundred languages and dialects are spoken within Canada.

What are the official languages of Manitoba?

The official languages of Manitoba are English and French. Both languages have equal status in the legislative assembly, government services, and the courts.

Where is French spoken as a secondary language?

In Canada English and French are suppose to be equal, but French is spoken by the minority. New Orleans has french as a secondary language especially amongst the Cajun.

What does official language rights and minority language educational rights mean?

French and English have equal status in Parliament and throughout the government

What has the Canadian government to try to meet the demands of the separatists?

Well, the two most important things done was changing the flag of Canada to one that does not have the British flag on it and they gave both English and French languages an equal status at the federal level.