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You can go to your television service provider's online website to see their tv guide online (such as Comcast's website or DirectTV's site). You can also find the schedule directly on your TV through your remote control.

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The best place to find the program schedule for the History Channel is their official website because it also has detailed program descriptions and links to the websites of the individual shows. If you have digital cable or satellite service you also can access the schedule through the program guide right on your TV. TV Guide also has the schedule for the history channel on their official website.

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The scedule for history channle can be found on the history channel itself, on the TV guide or on the history channel website

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Q: Where is the History Channel schedule located?
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How can you find the History Channel schedule on Time Warner Cable?

There is one effective way to find the history channel schedule on Time Warner Cable. Look through the guide which will allow you to see upcoming shows. If you are looking for something in the farther future try the History channel website.

How can you find the History Channel Schedule on your tv guide?

If you have Time Warner Cable, DirecTV or dish, grab your remote and hit the Guide button. That will give you a list of the channel line up and from there you can find History.

What channel is the history channel?

There are several channels that broadcast programs about history. All of them tend to be on cable TV, so finding them depends upon where you live. Flip through the cable channels, and you may find where the History Channel or the Biography Channel are located, since the channel number is different for each city. Or, consult the online channel guide from your cable company.

How can you find the sci fi channel schedule?

One can find the Sci-Fi channel schedule on various websites like SyFy and InnedMind. Both websites offer a schedule for the Sci-Fi channel which can be views on TV.

Where can one one find a schedule for the ABC family channel?

One can find a schedule for the ABC Family channel online on the the ABC Family website. Schedule for the ABC Family channel may also be available in one's local newspaper.

What channel is the history channel on direct tv?

The History channel is channel 269 on DirecTV.

How far does the History Channel schedule its programs into the future?

Like most television channels, History Channel schedules its programs about 8 weeks into the future. If a show is meant to be played 8 weeks from, now, its airing and appropriate commercials would be finalized right about now.

Where can one find a schedule for WAPA America TV?

You can find a schedule for the WAPA America TV channel online at the website LocateTV. You can also located a program guide through other websites such as TV Listings and TV14.

Where can you buy history channel dvds online?

The main place you can purchase history channel DVD's is through the channel's store, located at their web site. However, other places that sell these DVD's include sites like Amazon, Blockbuster, and CD Universe.

Where can one find a schedule of the shows and times of the channel Channel 8?

Channel 8 has its own website which provides full details of the current programming schedule. This website also carries frequently updated news and reviews.

Where is the channel located?

the channel is located near the u.k.

Where can one find History Channel videos?

The History Channel is a cable channel owned by A&E. It has true history and fictional history. It operates around the globe. The best place to watch the video is History Channel's website and also on You Tube.