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Q: Where was Giovanni da verrazano destination?
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What is Giovanni da verrazano full name?

Giovanni da verrazano

What are all the ways you can spell Giovanni da verrazano?

Giovanni da verrazano

Where was Giovanni da Verrazano born?

Giovanni da Verrazano was born in Tuscany, Italy.

What are facts about Giovanni Verrazano?

Giovanni Da Verrazano was eaten by cannibals!

What was Giovanni da Verrazano destination?

His destination was the East Coast of America. Like New York. So his destination was New York Harbor.

What did Giovanni da verrazano's father work as?

Giovanni da Verrazano's dad owned a silk factory

Who financed Giovanni da Verrazano?

The Spanish enemies financed Giovanni Da Verrazano's trip. and i know it. :)

Who were Giovanni DA verrazano family?

who was givanni da verrazano family

Who was the Verrazano-Narrows named after?

Giovanni da verrazano

What are facts about Verrazano?

Giovanni Da Verrazano was eaten by cannibals!

Did Giovanni da Verrazano have friends?


What year did Giovanni da verrazano discover sandy hook?

Giovanni da Verrazano discovered Sandy Hook in 1524.