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Great Ziggurat of Ur

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A pyramid.

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Q: Where was the most well-known ziggurat located in sumer?
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Where was the most well known ziggurat located in Sumer.?

Great Ziggurat of Ur

What was the most famous Ziggurat?

The Ziggurat at Ur is probably the most famous, but the Ziggurat at Teppe Sialk is also rather famous.

What is Australia's best wellknown bird?

It is probably most known for its kookaburra.

In a sumerian city was the temple called a ziggurat?

A ziggurat is what the people used to worship their the very top room people believe that the gods went up there to be closer to the people on land. see the link below for a picture of a ziggurat.

The most prominent city in ancient Sumer was?

Sumer was in fact a city-state, so the main city was Sumer itself

What is a ziggurat and why would it be one of the most important structures in a Sumerian city?

Because they thought that a Ziggurat is/was boned between heaven and earth.

In ancient Sumer and Babylonia most structures were made of?

In ancient Sumer and Babylonia, most structures were made of Mud Brick. you are welcome!

What was the most imnportant invention in sumer?

the most important was the plow.

What is Mesopotamias most important city?


What was the most important sumerian city?


What most contributes to the rise of sumer?


Where are the remaining ziggurats?

The remaining ziggurats are primarily located in modern-day Iraq and Iran. The most famous ziggurat still standing is the Ziggurat of Ur in southern Iraq. Other examples include Chogha Zanbil in Iran and the Etemenanki in Babylon, although only partial ruins remain of the latter.