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shri gupt

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Q: Which Gupta King shifted his capital from Patliputra to Ujjain?
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Name the important centers of Gupta dynasty?

patliputra , ujjain , taxila

What city was the capital of the Gupta Empire?


Capital of the gupta dynasty?

Pataliputra , now Patna in Bihar

Can we find pictures of patliputra during Gupta Period - Ancient India?

Yes. Just Google the topic you want, you'll find loads of pages containing specific pics and information. Either you can just browse through the given,

What is the Gupta Empire's real name?

The Gupta Empire's real name is Gupta!

Who was the son of Sri Gupta in Gupta empire?

Ghatotkatcha was the son and successor of sri gupta

What is the birth name of Additi Gupta?

Additi Gupta's birth name is Additi Gupta.

What is the conclusion for gupta empire?

conclusion about Gupta

What is the birth name of Richard Gupta?

Richard Gupta's birth name is Rajesh Kumar Gupta.

How did the Gupta Empire end?

The Gupta Empire ended when Chandra Gupta II died and waves of invaders moved into India and broken the Gupta Empire into several smaller kingdoms.

What were the contribution of Gupta's to science and mathematics?

The answer depends on the Gupta's who or what the question is about. For example, the Gupta's ancestors, their descendants, their servants, ...

What has the author Subodh Gupta written?

Subodh Gupta has written: 'Subodh Gupta' -- subject(s): Catalogs