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A two-house legislature

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Q: Which feature of the US governmental system was inherited from England?
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Which feature of the US government system was inherited from England?

a two-house legislature

Who is the head of parliamentary governmental system?

The king

What kind of governmental system is found in Zaire?

The System is the Belgian civil law system and tribal law

What form of governmental system operated by the state of Texas is?


What is America's governmental system?

The United States is a presidential democracy.

What do you call a governmental system based on the ownership of land?


What best defines the system of checks and balances?

"A governmental system that prevents one branch from gaining more power over the other" is a good definition of the system of checks and balances.

Which term cannot be used to describe the American governmental system?


A governmental system in which the power of government are divided on a geographic basis?


What kind of Governmental System do Romanians have?

Romania is now a democratic country.

What is the Official governmental system of the UK?

The United Kingdom is a Parliamentary Democracy.

The US is what type of governmental system?

representational democracy