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Queensland and Victoria.

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Q: Which two Australian colonies were named for the british queen?
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Which Australian state capital was named after a British prime minister?

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide.

What is Victoria named after?

The Australian state of Victoria is named after Queen Victoria.

Why is great Victoria desert named after Queen Victoria?

The Great Victoria Desert is named for the British monarch Queen Victoria.

What is after Victoria?

The Australian state of Victoria is named after Queen Victoria.

Who named the province of British Columbia?

It was named by Queen Victoria.

What university was named after a queen from the British Isles?

Queen's University, Belfast

How British-Columbia get its name?

queen victoria named it British Columbia

What do the blue white and red represents on the Australian flag?

Dark blue was the colour of the British blue ensign, which was used in colonial times for the flags of most colonies and south of the equator, such as Australia and New Zealand.

After whom was the state of Victoria named?

The Australian state of Victoria was named after England's Queen Victoria who, in 1837, at the age of 18, succeeded her uncle, William IV, to the throne to become the last monarch of the House of Hanover. At the time when Victoria separated from New South Wales, the colonies of Australia were still under British rule. Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of the time, so it was prudent to honour her by naming a state after her.

What waterfall was named after a British queen?

The Elizabeth Falls

Who is on the front of Australian coins?

The reigning British monarch is on the obverse of all Australian coins. Currently, it is Queen Elizabeth II.

Why is there a desert is Australia named Victoria?

The desert is named for the British monarch, Queen Victoria.