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Q: When Canada became a country which british monarch was on the throne?
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Did Canada have a revolution?

Yes in order to gain there freedom from gr8 britain. it took over 200 yrs ____________ NO - Canada did not have a revolution. Canada, after a series of negotiations with Upper and Lower Canadian leaders and British politicians became an independent country in 1867. Canada remained LOYAL to the crown.

When did Canada leave the British Empire?

After the end of the French and Indian War, Great Britain, for winning the war, gained Canada (along with Florida and all land east of the Mississippi River, but they later lost all of that). <3

When was the Dominion of Canada established?

Canada was formed in 1867. Canada was formed partly because of economic needs. Provinces could easily trade with each other giving people more places to sell their products. As a country, Canadians could also more easily defend themselves against threats from other countries. In the 1860's, people in Canada were concerned about attack from the United States, especially since Canada was a British colony at that time. The Americans were not on good terms with the British.

What year did Canada break away from Britain?

Because of their parliament. Britain let them have their own parliament and the Canadians set it up so they could survive on their own. This was their plan, to break away from Great Britain after World War 2, while the British were weak. Therefore the British wouldn't fight to get it back. Also, the Americans would have aided Canada in a fight against Britain anyways, because many Americans want Canada to be part of the U.S. Save __ Canada gained independence but retained ties with Britain. There was no plan, or need to fight for independence (despite what the above person seems to think). In 1867, the Dominion of Canada was formed, so Canada was independent long before WW2. Canada was became a country (no longer a colony) with the passing if the BNA in 1867. It was an Act of British Parliament that granted independence. To this day Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth and the Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada (although the role is strictly ceremonial).

In what year did canada became a country?

July 1 , 1867Before that, the land Canada was named Canada after the Iroquois word 'kanata' or village, when in the 16th century Jacques Cartier's party from France took the word to mean the land at which they had arrived. A colony named Canada was established in 1534 as one of 5 colonies of New France.Upper Canada and Lower Canada were established as British colonies in 1791. These were combined into the Province of Canada in 1841 with the 1840 Act of Union.Canada became a dominion country (more like Kingdom under British rule) in 1867, as shown on top. This meant, whatever laws were passed in England were also passed in Canada and British politics stretched over the Atlantic. But Canada really became a dependent country, years later after the first and second world wars, in 1982. This meant a sense of freedom in the wind; British laws and politics and basically everything had no effect whatsoever in Canada and this went into immediate affect.And the Canada Act was proved when our small 12 million strong country proved magnificent strength in the two great wars, by aiding the mother land (in other words, Great Britain) while the U.S took it's sweet time on whether or not it should join the war and help destroy the Axispowers.

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Is Canada under British rule?

No. The French first settled there in 1605 followed by the British in 1763. In 1867 it became the Dominion of Canada. It is a member of the British Commonwealth. While Canada has the British Crowned Monarch as the head of state the Government of Canada is independent, autonomous and equal to the British Government, Australian Government or French Government.

How did Canada come to be?

It became a country in 1867, even though it is still part of the British Commonwealth.

How did come to Canada?

It became a country in 1867, even though it is still part of the British Commonwealth.

Which provinces became part of Canada when Canada became a country?

Canada became a country on July 1, 1867, by means of the British North America Act. Canada was the first country to be created by legislation. The British North America Act united three provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the pre-Confederation Province of Canada (which had been created by the Act of Union, 1840). Upon Confederation, the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was severed into the provinces of Ontario and Québec.

Was Quebec part of France before?

After the Rebellion of 1837-38, Quebec was amalgamated with Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1841 and became part of a legislative union. After the failure of that union, Quebec became in 1867 a province of the Canadian federation.

What year did British Columbia become a province?

British Columbia became a province of Canada in 1871.

What country controlled Canada 1803?

In 1803 Canada was still part of the United Kingdom. It became independent in 1867 and is now a British Commonwealth.

Date Canada became a country?

1793 when it was called Town of York. Toronto does not just think it is part of Canada many in Toronto think they are Canada so the date 1793 when the town was first settled by the British is a good answer.

Who was the british monarch when Georgia became a royal colony?

King Georgie the secong

What country became indapendent from Britain in1931?

Canada gained independence in that year but has remained part of the British Commonwealth (now called The Commonwealth) since then.

When did the country become and cease being a colony in India.?

Canada first became a colony in 1497 when John Cabot first landed and "claimed" the land in the name of the King. Canada officially became the "federal Dominion of Canada" on July 1, 1867, marking the end of British rule over the Head of Government (the British monarch is the Head of State in Canada to this day). So.... around 1497-1867.

In 1842 who became the first reigning British monarch to use trains?

Queen Victoria