Who are vassals?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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A vassal was a person who swore allegiance and homage to a lord. In exchange for this, he got property consisting of an estate or estates from which he could get income as the serfs who lived there gave him part of their crop or rent money. If the lord who did this was a king, then he would receive oaths of allegiance and homage from all the more important lords, dukes, earls or counts, and barons. He might also receive oaths from knights. The more important lords received similar oaths from lesser nobles and knights. Some of these received oaths from lesser people yet.

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During the feudal system, a vassal was a person granted the use of land, in return for rendering homage, fealty, and usually military service or its equivalent to a lord or other superior. They were the feudal tenants.

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Q: Who are vassals?
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Who do vassals have power over?

Vassals were loyal to the person(s) above them. Therefore a king may have a vassal who may have other vassals loyal to him. A vassal has power over his serfs, or his vassals. Also the vassals have power over the peasents.

Why did vassals have to serve lords?

Vassals had to serve lords because the vassals promised to serve a lord in exchange for land.

What is the plural of vassal?

The plural of vassal is vassals. As in "our vassals have sent us gifts of silk".

Did all vassals have their own vassals?

In many cases, vassals did have their own vassals, in a process called subinfeudation. There is a link below, but it does not give as much information as I would have liked to find.

What is the dressing of the vassals?

The dressing of the vassals was a tunic that had covered their leggings.

Who did the vassals eventually become and how did they support themselves?

Vassals could receive more land from the lord and if they were rich enough, vassals could become a lord to other vassals. Feudalism could become confusing.

How do you explain the difference between the vassals and serfs?

Explain the difference between the vassals and the serfs

Do vassals have children?

Yes, vassals can have children. Their children may inherit their titles and lands, continuing the family's lineage and influence within the feudal system.

What is the difference between the vassals and the serfs?

the vassals are the kings slaves and the serfs are like a nun and monks

What did the vassals give the serfs?

the vassals would give protection to the serfs and also protect the land

What kind of homes did vassals have?

The kind of homes that the vassals lived in were made out of brick and other rich stuff.

What would describe the relationship between lords and vassals?

Patriarchal and exploitative. Lords were supposed to look after their vassals, hence the patriarchal relationship, but at the same time, they used their vassals for resources.