Who convinced Dias to turn back?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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his crew

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Q: Who convinced Dias to turn back?
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Who convinced dias turn back?

his crew

Who convinced Bartolomeu Dias to turn back from the southern tip of africa?

Bartolomeu Dias' crew convinced him to turn back from the southern tip of Africa due to their fear and reluctance to continue sailing into the treacherous and uncharted waters further south. They were also running low on supplies and were facing harsh weather conditions.

When did Odysseuss' men turn back into men after being swine?

Odysseus convinced Circe to turn them back.

What Columbus crew threatened if he did not turn back?

Columbus's crew threatened to push him overboard if he did not turn back. They were trying to start a mutiny but he convinced them to continue on with their journey.

When did Bartholemeu Dias cross the Indian Ocean?

He never crossed the Indian Ocean, he wanted to but his crew refused to continue the journey and they decided to turn back.

What did Bartolomeu Dias back?

he dident brig back crap.

Where was Bartholomeu Dias?

Bartholomeu Dias was in Sernjurda looking for his family after he got back to sea from his hardships on the Atlantic Ocean.

What part of Asia did Bartolomeu Dias explore?

Bartolomeu Dias sailed around Africa hoping to reach Asia. However, before he could get to Asia, his crew forced him to turn back. Vasco da Gama later became the first European to reach Asia by water.

What treaures did bartolomeau dias bring back?

spices from india.

What is la gente en estos dias in English?

People back then ...

How do you say I will be back in two days in Spanish?

Regreso en dos dias.

What information did Bartolomeu Dias bring back from Europe from Asia?

pie exists!