Who did the poor work for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who did the poor work for?
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What is the definition of being poor?

The definition of being poor in a country where cultivation is meagre but the people have the will to work and cannot find anything is actually being poor. The definition of poor in a country where work is available but the will to migrate and work cannot be called poor, because where there is a will there is a way.

Did the Victorians have lot of money?

No the poor Victorians have no money but the rich one did have lots of money poor Victorians had to work and rich Victorians had poor one to work for them

Did Mother Teresa work with poor people?

Yes, Mother Teresa worked with the poorest of the poor and her Missionaries of Charity continue that work today.

What does Bill Clinton work for now?

he work for poor hates people

Why did Sparta remian a poor farming society?

Because Sparta depended on slaves to do their work

Where did poor Victorian men work?

In mines

What is a monk's job?

they pray and work for the poor

What do poor people in Africa work?


What did the poor people have that the rich people had to?


Your supervisor had a talk with you cause of poor work it was the first time that your work was poor like that could he fire you?

No, he is just saying you did bad for your first time

Was Galileo poor?

Yes, he was poor all of his life. Men like him had sponsors who supported their work.

What was a major motivation of people who were willing to work as work strikebreakers?

Strikebreakers were poor and needed work.