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The Dutch first settled in the area in the 1600s. Native Americans were the Delaware, Mahican and Wappinger tribes--part of the Algonquin language group.

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the dutch

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Q: Who first settled in the Hudson river valley?
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Witch country settled the Hudson River Valley?

The Dutch.

Which group of Europeans first settled the Hudson Valley?

The Dutch originally settled in New York, calling it New Amsterdam.

Is the Hudson river valley in Manhattan?

yes the Hudson River is in Manhattan

What were the first parts of Arizona desert to be settled?

The Salt River Valley.

What famous river valley is in New York?

The Hudson River Valley.

What are the first two valleys in Arizona to be settled?

The Salt River Valley was the first valley to be settled, in 1867 by John Y. T. Smith. Phoenix Valley, also known as the Valley of the Sun, was settled in the mid-to-late 19th century by Brigham Young and a group of Mormons.

Where did the people of Egypt first settle?

They settled in northeastern Africa, in the Nile river valley.

Who was the explorer who claimed the Hudson river valley for the dutch was?

It was Hudson. That's why it's called the HUDSON river.... It was named after him. His name was Henry Hudson.

What human interactions were along the china Huang river valley?

The Huang River Valley is also known as the Yellow River Valley. The first people who settled there were the Sumerians because the valley had very fertile and rich soil.

Where did the Netherlands first settle in America?

The Dutch first settled around the Hudson River, in modern-day New York.

What was the River valley containing most dutch settlement in the 13 colonies?

Hudson River Valley

Where did the Netherlands settle in America?

The Dutch first settled around the Hudson River, in modern-day New York.