Who is Rolf Schiller?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rolf Schiller is the protangonist of "Directive 19", a sensationalist novel published in 2006, fraudulently marketed as the memoirs of a high ranking SS officer involved in the Holocaust.

The authour, Paul K Harker, insisting that he is the compiler, not the author, resorted to a number of dubious and underhanded practices in advertising and promoting discussion of the book - which was self-published - and has consistently refused ANY proof or corroboration of Schiller's existence or of his own supposedly exhaustive research.

Recently a concerted investigation on a number of internet history forums have revealed conclusively that not only is "Directive 19" and it's protagonist a work of fiction marketed as fact, but the author actually espouses some very extreme beliefs on Holocaust Denial, Revisionism and war crimes apologism.

There has been no evidence or mention of a 'directive 19' until this book. The work is riddled with errors and modern terminology.

Harker himself remains virtually uncontactable and refuses to address any questions about his works. Many of the details of his life and carreer are fabricated.

Helion, a respected military history bookstore in the UK, has pulled "Directive 19" from sale, as they "do not sell fiction."

Representatives of the Wiesenthal Center have applauded the move.

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Q: Who is Rolf Schiller?
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