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kiran mazumdar shaw is the first woman entrepreneur of India

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Q: Who is first female entrepreneur of India?
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Who is famous female entrepreneur in india?

Dr. Somdutta singh

Are most of the workers male or female in entrepreneur?


Who is the first female to reach mount Everest of India?

The first female to reach Mount Everest of India was Arunima Sinha.

What is the Different between male entrepreneur and female entrepreneur?

There is no difference between a male and a female entrepreneur. In fact, it doesn't matter what age, sex, race or religion anyone is.

Who is the first female engineer of India?


Was Ms. Fathima Beevi the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India?

yes she was the first female judge in the supreme court of India

Who are famous entrepreneurs in India?

One famous entrepreneur from India is Sabeer Bhatia. Sabeer Bhatia founded Hotmail. Another famous entrepreneur from India is Shiv Nadar, who founded HCL Technologies.

Who is India's first female engginer?

Rajeswari Chatterjee - The first Woman Scientist to pioneer the Field of Microwave Engineering in India.

Who was the first female IPS officer in India?


Which female first popularise western music in India?

Usha Utthup

Who was the first female education minister of India?

Vijaya Laksmi Pundit

Who was the first female president in India?

pratheepa singh patelMrs Pratibha Devsingh Patil is the first woman President of India.