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The Mission San Rafael Arcangel was founded in 1817. The mission is named for Arcangel Rafael, who is the angel of bodily healing. The mission is located in California and began as a hospital serving the sick.

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By Saint Raphael, the father of healing

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Q: Who or what was San Rafael Arcangel the mission named for?
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Who is San Rafael Arcangel named after?

Mission of bodily healing

Why was mission san Rafael arcangel built in san Rafael?


Did mission san Rafael arcangel ever have any natural disasters?

There were some destroyments in san rafael arcangel

What did the women do in SAN GABRIEL ARCANGEL mission?

the women at san rafael arcangel was to cook the food

Where is mission san Rafael arcangel located between what two missions?

Mission San Rafeal Arcangel is between San Francisco Solano and San Jose de Guadalupe

Did the mission San Rafael Arcangel have any majjor earthquakes?


What is mission San Miguel arcangel named after?

Saint Michael the Arcangel

What was mission San Rafael Arcangel made out of?

Adobe (positive sure) is what is made out of.

What animals is at mission san Rafael?

Cows,goats,pigs,chickens all lived at mission San Rafael archangel

What is the best mission?

Mission San Rafael Arcangel of course!There are so many reasons why!Just check it out!There is also San Juan Capistrano,Santa Ines,and San Diego de Alcala.Those are second,third, and fourth.But San Rafael Arcangel is totally the best!

Was mission san Rafael arcangel ever destroyed by any causes?

Mission San Rafael was abandoned and was torn down but an artist in San Francisco made a postcard of San Rafael and was rebuilt thanks to him.

What tribes were at san Rafael arcangel?

The indigenous tribes that historically inhabited the area around Mission San Rafael Arcangel were the Coast Miwok and the Olhone people. These tribes lived in the surrounding region for thousands of years prior to the establishment of the mission.