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Abigail Adams!

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Q: Who sent her husband a letter demanding rights for women?
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Did Elizabethan men have better rights then Elizibethan women?

They all had the same rights. however women in Elisabethan times were denied their rights as amater of coarse.

How did the English women before the Tudor times get treated?

Women for several thousand years (and in Tudor times) have been treated as property and chattel. They had no rights. It is only in modern history that women have gained any rights and still today they only make .77 cents on the dollar to a man. Women couldn't own property, have a bank account, own a business, attend college/schools, or decide who they would marry. In the United States women did not have the right to vote until 1920 and it wasn't until the passage of Title Nine of the civil rights act in 1965 that they could have their own car insurance, credit card, or bank account without the husband signing off on it. Even as late as 1991 a woman had to have her husband sign for car insurance or she couldn't be a fighter pilot in the military. Out of 535 people in Congress, today, only about 10% are women. The history of women and children as been one of abuse and lack of civil rights through out history.

Where in the world does women still not have as many rights as men?

Saudi Arabia; women are not allowed to drive anywhere. Men have many more rights than women there.

What happened to the Rights of women during the French revolution?

Well the rules of England was a queen, so they women there had good wrights at that time. :) hope it helped. ^wrong. Women in the 1600's did not have many rights even though there was a queen in rule. Queen Elizabeth didn't do much to improve the rights of women and some historians will say that women's rights decreased during her reign.

Who wrote vinication of the rights of women?

Mary Wollstonecraft

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What is Pankhurst demanding?

He demanded women's rights to vote

Who executed for demanding equal rights for french women?

Olympe de Gouges

Who was executed for demanding equal rights for French women?

Olympe de Gouges

Who was executed during the french revolution for demanding equal rights for women?

Olympe de gouges

What Rights women early Mexican rule?

the rights are that they could not have homes they had to give to husband

Who sent a letter to john Adams urging him to include womens rights in the declaration of independence?

Abigail Adams sent an impassioned letter demanding full right for women in the new constitution. She was a little before most people in this matter.

What rights did Empress Theodora convince and encourage her husband to give women?

Empress Theodora encouraged her husband to give woman more rights. She wanted women to be able to own land. Hope this helped!

What are the rights of women living in Connecticut if their husband is cheating?

She has the right to divorce him.

Whose letters to her husband suggested increased rights for women?

Abigail Adams

Who tried to influence her husband to include women's rights to the Declaration?

Abigail Adams.

Do women know that being demanding can be a major turn off for men?

Some women know but there are many who don't and there are many, many women who get away with it because their husband/boyfriend lets them do it! Compromising and expressing wishes are the way it should be in my opinion, but there are many demanding, aggressive, pushy women who only know the word "demanding" and that is just the way they are. Some men deal with it and some don't but I can't imagine that any men actually LIKE it.

What efects did ww1 have on the rights and roles of women?

After world war one, women started demanding for equal rights as men. Women were give the right to vote, work at similar places as men, the right to divorce men, right to have education and the right to have their own possessions.