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Many people were responsible for the murder of thomas beckett. you can't blame the knights because they were just cowardly enough to do it and not to question this "decision". the two main suspects were the king and thomas beckett himself. thomas beckett refused to listen to henry at all, so henry felt put out. beckett also decided to not listen to henry about "worshiping" him in a way.beckett only listened to god and the people that had strong beliefs that were to him right.

But Henry was to blame as well because he just couldn't stand being ignored - he was an attention seeker. But he still had right to talk to beckett about his behaviour around this situation. Beckett just carried on to do things which were anoying Henry and it just built up into layers and layers of annoyance to Henry. So no wonder he popped, and wanted to get rid of Beckett. But overall I don't think that he meant all of this to turn into a murder. The person that was responsible for Becketts death was Beckett himself.

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King John of 1199-1216

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Q: Who was responsible for the murder of thomas Beckett?
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What was the relationship between Thomas Beckett like with Henry?

Answer: They were very good friends, in fact, Thomas Beckett was Henry II's only friend. Until Henry II's got fed up with the Saxon king and two knights thought that they would be helping if they killed Thomas Beckett. The knights did that exact thing and killed him. Unfortunately the king wasn't very happy after that.

Why was the king to blame for thomas beckets murder?

The king was to blame for Thomas Becket's murder because he told the knights to kill Thomas but the knights didn't had to do what he said but they did and hit Thomas in the head and killed him. Also Thomas told the monks to leave the door open so the monks did. Also the king shouldn't have wanted to kill him anyway and the Knights had to obey the kings orders

Who killed Thomas Scott?

Louis Reil ========= No! Louis Riel did not kill anybody! Ambroise Lépine presided over the trial of Thomas Scott. Scott, the most vocal opponent of Riel's provisional government, was executed on March 5, 1870. Lépine was found guilty of aiding in the murder of Scott. On October 10, 1874, Lépine was sentenced to be hanged on January 29, 1875. Later, his sentence was commuted to two years in prison.

What was the date of Thomas Becketts murder?

No. The top part of his skull was sliced off with a sword (one of several sword blows he received); after the murder the pieces of bone were placed with the body in a stone coffin. It is said that in the 14th and 15th centuries pilgrims who visited the shrine of St Thomas at Canterbury were shown a complete skull (which they were told belonged to the saint) and given the chance to kiss it - this was simply a trick by the monks in order to generate more donations from visitors.

Who the was the duke of Thomas?

The duke of Thomas was a duke who rule Wales until he was chase out and His real was Henry Thomas. Little is know about his parents but his father's name was Igor Thomas and he was from Romania

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What was Edward grim's version of the murder of becket?

edward said that he saw the murder and that reginald turned against him and killed thomas beckett ... !! xx <3 ;]]

How many Thomas Beckett were there?

There is only one saint named Thomas Beckett.

When was Thomas à Beckett born?

Thomas à Beckett was born in 1836.

When did Thomas à Beckett die?

Thomas à Beckett died in 1919.

Where was Thomas Beckett murdered in?

thomas what

Who was Thomas Beckett?

He was the Archbishop of Canterbury.

How did thomas Beckett die?

He died

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Where is the Thomas Beckett Foundation in Providence Rhode Island located?

The address of the Thomas Beckett Foundation is: Po Box 603364, Providence, RI 02906-0764

What was the result of killing Thomas Beckett?

One of the results of killing Thomas Beckett was that he became famous and king Henry was flogged but monks and nuns and lost his power to the throne