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Zebulon pike

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Q: Who was the American explorer captured by Spanish troops in New Mexico?
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What did Jorge Farragut do in the American revolution?

he was a full blood spanish man he helped council and he sent his troops to the gulf of mexico and he was captured

Did Mexico win the Spanish and American War?

The Spanish American War did not involve Mexico.

Who was the one who took owed Mexico city along time ago?

Several people have invaded and captured Mexico City in the past. Before it was even known as Mexico City, it was razed by Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1521. Another example is American General Winfield Scott, who captured Mexico City in 1848 thus ending the Mexican-American War.

What Spanish explorer invaded Mexico in 1521?

Hernan Cortes

Who was the spanish explorer who left Mexico in 1540?

Garcia Lopez

Spanish explorer claimed Arizona and Mexico?

Hernando de Soto

What happend to Pike after he captuerd the spanish governor?

Pike didn't capture the Spanish. Pike was captured by the Spanish that controlled Mexico at the time.

Spanish troops captured British forts along the Mississippi River and Hudson Bay?

No, the spanish troops captured british forts along Mississippi river and Gulf of Mexico.

What Spanish explorer defeated the Aztecs in Mexico City in 1521?

Hernan Cortes

Which explorer explored mexico?

One extremely important Spanish explorer and conquistador, named Hernando Cortes, explored a good part of modern day Mexico.

Who was the spanish explorer who conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico?

Hernan Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire.

What actions were not related to the Spanish-American War?

This was not related to the Spanish-American War.Maximilion I was made emperor of Mexico