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Henry the First was a better king, he was better educated and reformed the entire system of government at the time. he laid the foundation for the English Legal System.

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Q: Who was the better king - William Rufus or Henry 1?
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Who was king after William rufus?

Henry I was the King after William II - Henry was the ninth known child of William I and his spouse, Matilda of Flanders.

When was William rufus crowned as king?

King William II (Rufus) was Crowned king on 26 September 1087

Is William rufus the same king as William 1?

No, William Rufus was William the Conqueror's son. William I = William the Conqueror William II = William Rufus

Who reigned after William the Conqueror?

William the Conqeuror was another heir to the throne (and so was Harold). William was from Normandy and he sailed to England to claim the throne. Harold was elected to be the next king by the nobles, but William insisted he was the next rightful king because he was a relative. At the battle of Hastings, it was the major turning point and William became king.

Which son of King William was killed in 1100?

William Rufus

Who came king after William of Normandy?

William II ( Rufus)

Did king William rufus have a wife?

He did not marry

Name the only nationally elected official to be sworn in on foreign soil?

William Rufus De Vane King William Rufus De Vane King

Who was the king of England after willian 1?

William II (William Rufus)

What was King County Washington named after?

William Rufus Devane King

How long was king William rufus king?

13 years (1087-1100)

Who replaced king william the first of england?

In England King William I, the Conqueror, was succeeded by his son, William II, William RufusHis third (and favourite) son William (Rufus) II who reigned until 1100 when he was shot by by a stray arrow during a hunt.