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Many historians believe that Alexander is the greatest commander in the history of the world.. :)

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2010-10-23 21:22:54
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Q: Who was the greatest commander in history?
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What are some reasons that George Washington is better than Abraham Lincoln?

He was in the American revolution (commander in chief)He was one of the greatest commander in chief in u.s history.

Was Julius Caesars romes greatest judge?

JuliusCaesarwas not a judge. He was a military commander and a statesman. He was the greatest military genus inancientRoman history. InLatinthe word magistrate meantofficerof state, not judge.

Who was the greatest confederate commander?

Stonewall jackson

When was Greatest History created?

Greatest History was created in 1995.

A presidents power as commander in chief is greatest during?

Greatest during War baby.

Who was the greatest Naval commander in Japan's navy?

The greatest Japanese Naval Commander is Admiral Togo, whose Battleship Fleet defeated the Russian Battleship Fleet at the, "Battle of Tsushima", on 27 May 1905. Admiral Togo, is the ONLY naval commander in history, to have won a DECISIVE modern BATTLESHIP FLEET action. Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky, commander of the Russian Battle fleet at Tsushima, is the only other naval commander in HISTORY, to have fought a DECISIVE (steel battleships) BATTLESHIP FLEET ACTION! Note* The Battle of Jutland (WWI, 1916) was NOT decisive. Individual battleship engagements during WWII are NOT "fleet" engagements.

What is the greatest commander factor of 122 and 144?

The GCF is 2.

Who is the greatest dog in history?

Gismo the Shitsu of Stillwater Minnesota is the greatest dog in History

Who was the greatest commander of world war 2?

Dwight David Eisenhower

Who is the greatest ruler in India's history?

Ashoka the great is the greatest ruler of Indian history idk

What role did Robert e lee play in while he was in the civil war?

He was the Commander of the South. He is believed to have been the greatest commander of that time.

What was abraham lincoln's legacy?

Abraham Lincoln is considered among the greatest if not the greatest of American presidents. He presided over the most difficult period in our history when the nation split into two separate, hostile halves. As Commander-in-Chief, he saved the Union and emancipated the slaves.

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