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Edward VIII.

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Q: Who was the only king of england to abdicate?
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Why is king Edwards speech famous?

Because he was the first (and so far only) king of England to abdicate the throne, so the speech is absolutely unique.

What word means to give up your throne?

The word is 'Abdicate'. Your correspodent metions King Edward(VIII) of England ; true. King James (II) of England abandoned the throne in 1692 , without a formal statement of abdication.

What is a example sentence for abdicate?

The king is pondering whether he should abdicate the throne.I will abdicate this position because I want to retire.

When did Edward abdicate King of England?

It was in 1936 when Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson

Use abdicate in a sentence?

King Edward VIII announced today, "I will abdicate."

To resign from being King is to ........?


What is a sentence using the word abdicate?

At the end of World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm was forced to abdicate. The king refused to abdicate, and was dethroned and imprisoned by his generals.

When did king asoka abdicate his throne?

There is no evidence he did.

When does a king stop becoming king?

When they die, abdicate or are forcefully deposed.

How do you use the word abdicate in a sentence?

The king abdicated his throne. He chose to abdicate his position as CEO of the company. They abdicated their responsibility as caretakers. The lawyer decided to abdicate the continuance of her client's defense. The pope abdicated after being accused. The king was forced to abdicate, due to a rebellion.

How can Prince Charles not become King?

He can...... But if he were to abdicate then he would not.

What is the length of the rule of the king or queen of England?

There is no set period. The English Monarchy is hereditary. In this case this means that you are born to the royal family and if you become king or queen, you die or you abdicate in that position. It is a lifetime position.