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Russia is distinct from Western Europe because of the colder climate and differences in the economies.

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Q: Why Russia was distinct from western Europe?
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What differences between western Europe and russia?

Some differences between Russia and Western Europe are that Russia is more Orthodox Christian and western Europe is more into Catholic religion. Russia has communism, but western Europe has democratic government. Other differences are that Russia has a strong military and loads of military weapons, but western Europe has none or less.

What is the difference between western Europe and Russia technology?

Western Europe is more technologically advanced than Russia.

In what ways was russia isolated from western Europe?

Both cultural and physical tended to separate Russia from western Europe

What is the difference between western europe and Russia religion?

Western Europe is mostly Catholic while Russia is Orthodox.

Is Russia a part of western Europe.?

No. Most of Russia is in Asia. The part that is in Europe is in eastern Europe.

What were differences between Russia and western Europe?

1. Russia is further East than Western Europe. 2. It covers more time zones ( at a guess) 3. Western Europe is FAR better at hiding corruption and governmental influence via money than Russia.

Is russia in eastern or western Europe?

Eastern Europe.

What hemispheres are Europe and russia in?

Western Hemisphere

Is Russia part of western Europe?

This is true.

What were three differences between Russia and western Europe?

One major difference between Russia and Western Europe is that Russia was communist. Another difference is that Russia was part of the Iron Pact, while most of Western Europe was part of N.A.T.O. Western European nations were also able to maintain democracy, while Russia ultimately collapsed and had to adopt a free market system.

Is Russia part of the western civilization?

Yes, Western Civilization generally includes all of Europe, including Russia.

What continent is St Petersburg Russia in?

St. Petersburg, Russia is in Europe. It is located in the western part of Russia, near its border with Finland.