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because i said so u gotts a rpoblem

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list three ways in which the inuit used their environment to survive

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Q: Why are the inuit often called conquerors of the arctic north?
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Why are the inuit called conquerors of the arctic north?

because i said so u gotts a rpoblem

What is the name the eskimos huntergatherers of Arctic North America call themselves?


What are the people called who live north of the arctic circle called?

Laplanders, Inuits, RussiansIn Canada and Greenland you have the Inuit People, who do not like being called Eskimos. In Alaska and Siberia you have the Yupik and Inupiat People, who do not like being called Inuit, but like being Eskimos. There are a scattering of Lapp or Sami people to be found, along with three cities of Russians and one Norwegian city.

Why don't Inuit eat penguins?

The Inuit live in the arctic regions of North America. Penguins live in the Antarctic. Lunch would be half a world away.

Which group is the largest native population north of 60th parallel?

The Inuit people are the largest indigenous group north of the 60th parallel. They primarily inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia.

In what region did the Inuit live in?

they live in the north east he/she said region. north east is not a region this is not an answer its an comment

Where the inuit tribe lived?

Inuit tribal lands were located in the Arctic and sub-arctic. From Russia to Alaska across North America to the Labrador Coast. There are eight main Inuit tribal groups. The land was not owned and was seen to belong to all people and the animals. It was, and still is, however, highly respected.

What are people in America's far north called?

The inuit.

Did the Inuit live in Texas?

The Inuit are native to the far north (they have been called Eskimos, although they prefer the term Inuit) and they did not live in Texas.

Are the Inuit tribe still around?

Yes and no. When the term Indian is used to mean North American Aboriginals then yes but generally when the term Indian is used it refers to North American Aboriginals not living in the Arctic.

What are areas north of the Arctic Circle called?

Parallel latitudes

What was the climate like for inuit?

Their culture, and similar cultures, was based on an Arctic climate. That meant they would move south and north with the ice.