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He didn't "join" Confederation, well I guess in one sense he did because he was one of our Fathers of Confederation and a professional politician. Maybe that is why.

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Q: Why did Sir Etienne Paschal join confederation?
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Who did Sir Étienne Paschal Taché marry?

Etienne Paschal Taché married Sofie Baucher of Beaumont. They had 15 children. Check out this site for more info: Hope this helps! I have a project on him as well:)

Why did not Sir Charles Tupper support confedration?

no he was not against confederation. Because he had convinced them to join.

What were some of sir wilfrid lauriers major accomplishments?

he got Alberta and Saskatchewan to join the confederation.

What has the author George-Etienne Cartier written?

George-Etienne Cartier has written: 'Discours de Sir Georges Cartier'

Was sir Samuel Leonard tilley for confederation?

yes he was for confederation.

Who was the daughter of Sir George Etienne Cartier's?

Josephine et Marie-Hortense

Who is Sir Oliver Mowat?

Sir Oliver Mowat was one of the Fathers of Confederation.

Sir Hector Louis Langevin's role in confederation?

he was a father of confederation like the others

Why did Sir Samuel Tilley want confederation?

He became a strong supporter to confederation, and the intercolonial railway

Who signed the contract for quebec to join Canada?

There was no such contract. However, there were formal negotiations to enter Confederation in the early 1860s, and Quebec's - then Lower Canada's - chief representative was Sir George-Étienne Cartier.

What are the terms if you join the US Military?

Sir Yes, Sir!!

Who was Sir George-Étienne Cartier?

Sir George Cartier was a French-Canadian statesman and the Father of Confederation.