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the group of catholics wanted to assassinate him because he was a catholic but Gu Fawkes was innocent because he was set up by king James' servant! Guy Fawkes was found underneath parliament with a lot of gunpowder but he was set up by the lords servant who was a criminal) but apparently had a new start! A weird letter was sent to the lord telling him that there was a plot to blow up parliament. The servant was in charge when the guards went to search parliament for gunpowder. He waited 10 days after the letter was delivered, it was said that he waited until he knew Guy was in the basement!

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To re-establish Roman Catholic rule in Britain.

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He was not likeable at all as he was too kind to Catholics and not kind enough to others under different circumstances (other religions). He was not a fair/balanced king and did not appreciate all his people.

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Q: Why did some people want to kill King James 1?
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