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I really dont know because if you were on a mountain then you can really get the truth

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Because when you look over the Fields you can see only flat land it doesn't look like its about to go down like a hill it all looks flat and wen you walk its flat not round hope this helps :)

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They didn't people as far back as aristotle and ptolemy knew it was round.

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Q: Why did the Tudors think the world was flat?
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Did the tudors think the world was flat?

Yes they believed this because when you look at the Fields they look flat not like they dip as if the world was round hope this helps

What did the Tudors invent?

The Tudors invented, the first telescope, the first flushing toilet. They also created a flat drawn map.

What is flat world?

flat world is what the dumb people use to think a long time ago

Is tudors real?

yes i think tudors are real and all started at 1509 and finished and 1603

Why children think the world is flat?

If all that you have to go on is what you see for yourself, from ground level, then the world does look flat.

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Where did the Tudors explore?

new world

Where did the Tudors explored?

new world

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Flat worlds can still be customized, and can have lava pools, grass + flowers, floating mineshafts, etc. You can customize it when you're creating the world (I think you have to choose "flat world" then click "Customize").

Some saliors think the world was flat why do think they thought this?

people had thought the world was flat because they didn't know unlike now they didn't have photos from space, airplanes to travel around the world or enough scientific research on it. some people still thing the world is flat and that some places on the world are myths including pictures from space, they believe that no one has ever really been to space and its a complete lie. these people are called the flat world group.