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They needed medicine, food, protein, and water to drink, and also a good boat to go to sea.

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Exploring is expensive. Ships, men, and other things needed.

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Q: Why did the early explorers need support of a rich benefactor?
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What equipment do explorers need?


Why do you need to know about explorers that came to the new world?

I f it wasn't for explorers we wouldn't be here where we live. Plus some of the explorers explored half of the world. Like if Giovanni da Verrazono didn't explore the Verrazono- Narrows we wouldn't know that.

Why did explorers need to claim the land they found?

3 main things- GOLD, GLORY, and GOD. GOLD- the explorers wanted to get natural resources like gold and silvers for both themselves and their countries. GLORY- the explorers wanted to be famous, so they claimed all land they found. this resulted in the glorification of the explorer and their country. GOD- the explorers believed that it was their right and duty to conquer other land and spread Christianity. They thought God had meant for them to do this. Hope this helped! =D

Where did mountain men live?

the mountain men where trappers and explorers

What do you call coureurs de bois mean in English?

coureurs de bois (kurpr' de bwa) -- French for woods runners -- unlicensed fur traders during the early French settlment in Quebec. French settlers came early to North America, following in the wake of the explorers and fur traders, creating New France, Quebec City, founded in 1608. But immigration from France was slow prior to the mid-1600s and there was a need to relocate the multitude of workmen who lacked employment in France. Many of the young men who immigrated during this time frame were engaged to serve (3 to 6 years) in New France as ploughmen, diggers, pit men, etc. (among the lowest paid people). These young men began to "seek their fortunes" engaging in the fur trade without permission from French authorities . . . i.e. coureurs de bois . . . woods runners.

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Why did the explorers need the support of the rich benefactor?

They needed medicine, food, protein, and water to drink, and also a good boat to go to sea.

Was all successful early European explorers was from Italy?

I need the anwsers

What didn't help the early Europe explorers navigate?

Well the early explorers wont need a compass if they had an atlas because if the had one it will be easy just as the compass to figure out where they were by using the map

What are the 3 most important characteristics exhibited by the early explorers?

You would need to be brave, intelligent, and curious.

What is the central feature of the Roman world called in which a person would come under the protection of a benefactor and persons in need in turn would render services for the benefactor?

This was the patron-client relationship.

What equipment do explorers need?


Who are early explorers of Bulgaria?

Possibly Neanderthal man. It didn't need to be 'explored'. It was in the cradle of ancient civilisation. Men went from what is now Bulgaria to explore primitive lands elsewhere.

What do explorers need to live in the Arctic?

we need food and water supply

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What experience to you need to be a vetranarian?

Most of "veteranarian's" need colllege degrees (although there are some exceptions). If you already have a college degree, then experience is necessary. Also, if you have a passion for animals that will be a benefactor.

What impact did explorers and missionaries have on Africa?

Explorers and missionaries greatly impacted the continent of Africa. Explorers saw Africans as a resource to be traded and sold. Missionaries saw what they believed to be savage people in need of saving.

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