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1) They were paid less(half of an adult's wage and orphans weren't paid at all)

2) Most of the machinery could be easily managed by a child.

3) They were small and agile which meant they could repair machinery and fit in small spaces.

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Q: Why did the factory owners like to employ children?
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workers who were "Reds" or communists

What were factory owners like?

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Why did the factory owners like to employ children in the Victorian times?

They did that so that the factory would stay open because they would have more people working in that factory and also so that their families could get more money for food and water because you need to pay for food and drinks.

Why did the Victorian factories like to employ children?

Cheap labour ! They paid children very little wages - if at all!

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Why did Victorian owners like to employ children?

They could be paid lower wages than adult workers.Young children were considered to be more nimble than adults, which was important in textile mills because workers who were not quick enough could get caught in the machinery.Work such as chimney sweeping could be done more easily by children because they were small enough to fit inside chimneys.

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colonial factory owners

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What were the working conditions like in Victorian life?

Victorian children went to work because they needed money for their family. They were also forced to work because their parents and owners thought it was easier if children worked. Many factory owners employed children because they were cheaper to pay. The Industrial Revolution made jobs for children in coal mines, factories, chimney sweeps, and many more dangerous jobs!!Hope this helps!

Why did factory owners like immigration?

Immigrants would work for low wages in unsafe conditions