Why does loo mean bathroom?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's not certain but there's 2 main possibilities. 1 is that it's from the French "lieux d'aisances" (meaning lavatory, literally "place of ease") and was brought back to Britain by soldiers who served in France in World War 1.

The other theory is that it's a pun on "Waterloo" (scene of a great British military victory) and "water closet".

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Q: Why does loo mean bathroom?
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What does this mean in French les toilettes?

Les toilettes are the loo, the bathroom in French.

What is the British term of loo?

A 'loo' in British means bathroom.

Go to the loo?

People in England call the bathroom the loo. I have no idea why.

What is the scottish word for bathroom?

The Loo

Is the loo the bathroom toilet or both?

The loo is usually the toilet itself, but the restroom could also be referred to as a loo.

What is another word for loo?

Bathroom, restroom, toilet.

What are synonyms for dunny?

toilet, lavoratory, bathroom, loo

How do Canadians say where is the bathroom?

You just said it. British people speak English too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- they also say loo / toilet/ WC

What is a bathroom in London called?

Er bathroom...if you mean a room containing a bath unless of course you mean a room containing a toilet which cunningly enough is called a toilet also referred to informally as the "loo" or Gents/Ladies if talking about a public facility (bar/restaurant/public toilets) the equivalent which would be referred to as a "rest room" in the US or "wash room" in Canada. Lavatory and wc = water closet are also terms but not as widely used.

What are names for the bathroom?

restroom, John, Head, Powder Room. Loo.

How do you spell lue as in bathroom?

The British slang for toilet or restroom is spelled "loo."It likely derives from the French word l'eau (the water).

What does hebrew ah loo loo vah mean in english?

"ah loo loo vah" is not Hebrew.