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James Naismith is importanat to Canada because he created a sport that is now played arouned the world and he showed that you dont have to be a Hollywood superstar to be a famouse and amazing person

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Q: Why is James NaiSmith important to Canada?
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Why James Naismith fomous in Canada?

james naismith is famous to canada is because he watched por

Did James naismith live in Canada?

yes he did

What country was James naismith born in?


James naismith was the creator of which great american game?

James Naismith was the creator of basketball...and he created the game in Canada.

What is James Naismith middle name?

James Naismith was born on November 6, 1861, in Almonte, Ontario, Canada.

Basketball originated in?

It originated in Canada,created by a man named James Naismith.

Was James Naismith black?

No, James Naismith was white.

Was James Naismith rich?

It is not known if James Naismith was rich or not. James Naismith is the creator of the sport, basketball. Basketball was invented in 1891.

Why is James Naismith famous?

James Naismith is famous because he invented basketball.

What are James Naismith's accomplishments?

James Naismith invented basket ball.

what color did James Naismith have?

I think James Naismith had blond hair

Who was James Naismith's father?

john naismith