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When Muslims are true to their faith, they can conquer anyone. God says, in the Qur'an, that anyone who worships other than the One God is weak. They do not have the help of God and, so, will be conquered easily. The reason Muslims are themselves conquered today is simply because they are not true Muslims. They are weak and hyppocritical - or they are extremists who kill innocent people. So they do not have the help of God.

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Fighting between Gupta nobles allowed Muslim forces to successfully conquer parts of India.

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The weakening of the Gupta civilization

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Q: Why were Muslim forces able to take control of India?
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Why was Britain able to dominate India for 200 years?

differences in language and religion prevented unity among the people of India

What role did tea trade and production play in the british rule over India?

The tea trade and production of tea played an important role in the British rule of India because since Tea was such an important commodity to Britain they needed to get it from either India or China. The tea trade, after all, was the main reason Britain began to rule over India to begin with. Britain no longer wanted to have to rely on China for their supply of tea. Britain began to look for alternatives to China. What they found was India. They were able to produce enough tea to be able to almost completely rely on India instead of China for their tea.

How did the European nations take advantage of stresses in the Muslim world?

This question chiefly refers to the geographic regions including Northern Africa, Asia Minor, the Middle East, and South/Southwest Asia. Due to the tremendous diversity of identity, development, and individual cultural histories in Islam there is no such construct of a monolithic 'Muslim World.' What is known is the Imperial European powers of the British and French especially were able to exploit sectarian differences towards advantageous trade, political alliances, and ultimate land partitions in their departures, such as in India/Pakistan and Palestine/Israel.

How did Britain gain control over most of India by 1858?

As a result of the mutiny, the British ended the rule of the East India Company in 1858. From then on, the British government would rule India directly. Although the British moved away from some of the social regulations that had angered many Indians, distrust continued between the British and the Indians. The era of British control in India brought many changes. The British introduced their own governmental, legal, and educational systems, the English language, and new forms of technology and industry. These changes to India's economy and society, combined with unhappiness over foreign control, led to the growth of nationalism in India. Britain gained control over India by ending the rule of the East India Company. This was in the year 1858.

Why was China able to avoid imperial control in the early 20th century?

Because Britain and the U.S. were opposed to outright colonization.

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Another answer from our community:If she is a Muslim girl, then you must be Muslim to licitly marry a Muslim girl per Islam religion requirements.

What is true about India under Islam?

Muslim leaders supported Indian music, but not Indian art. - APEX :)

The British were able to conquer and control the much larger country of India because .?

im asking it u pricks

Where can I get a Muslim Bible at?

There isn't a "Muslim Bible". It is called the Quran. You can get it at a Muslim store or with today's technology you may even be able to order it from online.

How and why images of heaven help Muslim?

For Muslim, Heaven is where all the enjoyable is. It is where Allah is waiting for those Muslim people who obey him and didn't have no more gods, only Allah. That is why it helps Muslim to see images about heaven, because they believe heaven is where they will be able to do whatever they desire: example, you will be able to have as many women that you want, you will be able to eat as much as you want, you will be like superman. That is their belief, of Muslim people.

Why was the fall of New Orleans so important?

Why_was_the_fall_of_New_Orleans_so_importantifthe British had gotten the port of New Orleans they would be able to control all of the Mississippi River. Cutting the new nation half. And the British forces in Canada would be able to attack in the North.

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Definition of warlord?

A warlord is a leader able to exercise military, economic, and political control over a subnational territory within a sovereign state due to his or her ability to mobilize loyal armed forces.

How did Britain reinforce its control of India?

Britain by its policy of Divide and Rule were able to capture some provinces of India. Taking advantage of the situation, the British destroying the Indian Industry and Commerce, exported raw materials of India to England to develop Britain and then they were exporting from England the manufactured products making India dependent on Britain with its own production and industry totally crippled.

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