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because they woar red coats and kiled many people. lots of blood :)>

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Because they used to wear red uniforms

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Q: Why were the British Soldiers called 'Redcoats'?
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What was another name for the redcoats?

Tommy Lobsters!

Who were the redcoats fighting for?

The people that fought the Red Coats were the rebels. The Red Coats were the British soldiers that wore scarlet coats, while the Rebels or Patriots were American soldiers that wore blue coats.

What was the nick name given to the British soldiers?

British soldiers were nicknamed "Tommies"- see the poem by Rudyard Kipling. For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!" But it's "Saviour of 'is country," when the guns begin to shoot;

What were the British Mercenaries called?

British mercenaries were soldiers that fought for pay and were not a regular part of the army. Mercenaries were an important part of some of Britain's early war efforts, though they are seldom used today.

Who were the Indian soldiers who served in the British Indian army and rebelled in 1857?

The native Indian soldiers recruited by the East India Company were called "sepoys" (or the cavalry equivalent "sowar"). The rebellion by these soldiers was called the "Sepoy Mutiny" or "Indian Mutiny" of May, 1857. The 200,000 sepoys outnumbered British soldiers by five to one. After two sepoys were hanged for disobedience and more than 80 imprisoned, a general revolt by the sepoys and the populace broke out against British officers and citizens. The war was mainly fought in north central India, south of the cities of Meerut and Delhi. During 1857 and 1858, various Indian and Asian soldiers fought either with or against the British. The British ultimately prevailed, though the conflict and later reprisals killed hundreds of thousands among the native populace. The rebellion marked the beginning of a united India, and is officially referred to as the "First War of Independence".

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Were the union soldiers or conferate soldiers ever called the redcoats?

No, that was in the Revolutionary War where the British were called Redcoats.

British soldiers were also called?

Redcoats or lobsterback.

What was the nickname patriots called the British soldiers?

Redcoats :)

What are some nicknames that they called the British soldiers?

Redcoats was one nickname.

British soldiers of the past?


What names were the British soldiers called?

Tommies or if naval personnel Limeys or historically Redcoats

Colonist refer to the British soldiers as what?

"Redcoats" or by the rebels they were called "lobsterbacks." also 'bloodybacks'

What did boston call the british soldiers?


Who are the redcoats in the revilushinary war?

They were the British soldiers

Name of British soldiers?

Name given to the British soldiers by the people of Boston was the "redcoats".

What were the German troops called in the Revolutionary War?

The British were call redcoats, lobsterbacks, regulars and bloodybacks

What is the nickname for British soldiers?

another name for the british are lobsterbacks and redcoats