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Q: 2008 Democratic primary schedule with number of delegates per state?
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How many democratic delegates does California have?

According to an article in USA Today California has 440 delegates of the total number of the Democratic party's nominating convention's 4,361 delegates.

What is the number of Louisiana delegates?

Louisiana has 46 total delegates as of 2014. The total number of delegates each state has varies from state to state.

How many delegates are needed to be nominated as president?

The number of delegates needed to nominate by the democrats is 2,025 .

How many delegates does Colorado send to the democratic convention?

The number of delegates that Colorado sends to the Democratic National Convention varies slightly each year. 86 were sent to the last one in 2012.

Why is the number 1144 important in America?

It's the number of delegates you need to win the pesidential primary.

How many delegates does the Democratic Party have in the USA all combined?

From Wikipedia: Delegates are the people who will decide the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Delegates from the fifty US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have a single vote each, while some delegates from American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Democrats Abroad have half a vote each. Thus, the total number of delegates is slightly higher than the total number of available delegate votes (4,048).

What is the democratic and republican parties allot each state a number of party delegates based on the state's electoral vote?

and its past voter support for party candidates (awarded bonus delegates)

Is Wisconsin a winner take all primary?

Yes, Wisconsin is a winner-takes-all primary state. This means that the candidate who receives the highest number of votes in the state's primary election wins all of the state's delegates.

How many delegates does a republican candidate need to win the nomination?

2025 delegates are needed to win the democratic nomination. However, mre than 40% of the needed delegate are so-called "super delegates". This means they are free to pledge their votes to whomever they please, and don't have to vote for the winner of the given caucus or primary. This "safety valve" was implemented to prevent candidates from fundamentally changing the system.

What are the two major processes used to select delegates to national conventions?

Delegates are chosen by primary elections in which anybody can vote, as well as by party caucuses, that is by election by party leaders.

How many delegates does Romney have as of 3-18-12?

As of March 18, 2012, Mitt Romney has secured 518 delegates of the 1,144 required. This number includes his 488 pledged delegates and 30 unpledged delegates. He secured 20 delegates in the Puerto Rico Primary that took place 3/18/12. This leaves him needing only 626 delegates to secure the Republican Presidential Nomination.

How many delegates does Ohio have in electoral college?

The number of DEMOCRATIC delegates Ohio receives 162 delegates for the convention, 92 of which are elected democratically through 18 Congressional District caucuses held tonight (January 3rd). Each caucus is afforded a certain number of male and female delegate positions to be filled from their region. A NYTimes link talking about all states Democratic Delegates. They also have a breakdown of Republican delegates: