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sell their theaters

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Q: After the 1948 Supreme Court decision in US vs Paramount Pictures what were the major studios forced to do?
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Who heads the senate in the absence of the vice president?

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Why were the Hollywood Ten sent to prison?

The Hollywood Ten consisted of ten film directors and writers who refused to answer questions from Congress about communism and who might be communists in Hollywood. Upon not responding, they were cited by the House for contempt of Congress and served one-year sentences in 1950. The main effect of the investigation by the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) was that Hollywood studios, anxious to avoid regulation and bad publicity, would not allow those who were blacklisted to find employment.

What did senator Joseph McCarthy have to do with the Red Scare of the 1950s?

Joseph McCarthy was a Senator who ruined the careers of many people by calling them Communists, or "Reds," without sufficient proof.In 1950, anti-communist hysteria began to emerge in the USA as encouraged by the actions of Senator Joe McCarthy who began accusing high-ranking US officials of being communists, or of selling secrets to the Russians. Some government employees were found guilty of passing on secrets about the Atom Bomb. But McCarthy eventually lost popularity, and then power, as his accusations grew wilder and cruder each day. All of this simply served to increase tension between the two superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union.At the same time as McCarthy's denunciations, the House Un-American Activities Committee was also active. Many actors and writers were brought in before the Committee, and their lives ruined by threats and accusations. There were some Hollywood writers who were out of work for years because of these actions. They had been placed on a "blacklist" and studios were afraid to be connected with them.________________Senator McCarthy, a Republican from Wisconsin, was Chairman of the US Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on Investigations. He is viewed as a leading figure of the "Red Scare" of the 1950s. His committee, however, was not involved in the Hollywood Blacklist. McCarthy's committee was focused on supposed communists in the State Department, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) is the group identified with the Hollywood Blacklist. Or more properly, their investigations into supposed communists in Hollywood led the movie industry to establish the Blacklist as proof of their sincerity in fighting the supposed communists.Senator McCarthy's activities are frequently confused with those of the HUAC. Richard Nixon was a member of HUAC while a member of the US House of Representatives.The movie Julie & Julia (2009) is about the chef Julia Child and stars Meryl Streep. Julia's husband Paul Child, played by Stanley Tucci, is a state department official who was questioned by McCarthy's committee investigators and found innocent. Nonetheless the threat of investigation was often used to intimidate witnesses.

How does the Government regulate the media?

Governments have no business regulating media. What should be regulated? The expression of free speech is not subject to any legitimate jurisdiction. The fact that there are governments, even in the United States, that grant certain licensing in order to broadcast the expression of free speech over the airwaves is a statutory scheme that relies upon the voluntary and willful application for license in order to maintain any legal jurisdiction. The notion of "pirate" radio or television studios under the Constitution of the United States of America is bewildering and legally not sound. If the licensing of "air waves" or radio and television signals creates a situation where certain people are being favored over the rest of the people, this in itself makes the licensing scheme unconstitutional. If there is any validity at all to administrative agencies such as the FCC, their jurisdiction lies with those who are subject to the codes of regulation that govern licensed broadcasting. Any broadcast done outside of that jurisdiction, and assuming that broadcast is not interfering with any other broadcast, is not subject to the codes of regulation regarding licensed broadcasting and therefor not subject to any authority the FCC may assume. The problem with government regulated media is evidenced by the corporate media conglomerations that control the vast majority of licenses granted by government to broadcast under the terms of the code of regulation governing licensed broadcasting. The centralized pool of information is greatly limited by this form of government regulation over media and the public would be better served by unlicensed broadcasters competing on a very local level with the corporate structure. The mass availability of various print media exists exactly because of the lack of licensed regulation that exists within the broadcast media. Many smaller papers and magazines across the world voice opinions and reveal facts not normally found in the corporate media paradigm and the world of print is a richer and more vibrant and fertile ground for ideas and vociferous advocacy. The internet, still unregulated by the behemoths we call governments is also a place of vitality and electric activity, free and unburdened by the cumbersome chains of inept governments. Of course, the ineptness of the people shines gloriously within the internet but so does the brilliance of people and it is the free exchange of ideas and convictions that makes this newest form of media perhaps the most important of all.

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When was Paramount Studios founded?

Paramount pictures was founded in 1912

What is paramount pictures rival?

Paramount pictures competes against many other major movie studios. Among its rivals are 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.

What are the 3 main competitors for Paramount Recording Studios?

Paramount Recording Studios (not related to Paramount Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures) has many competing recording studios that it competes with in the Los Angeles area, including Record Plant, Studio City Sound and The Hive.

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Who were the creators of Hollywood Studios?

Hollywood Studios was created by five founding studios. The founding studios were as follows: MGM, 20th Century Fox Films, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and RKO Radio Pictures.

What was an effect of United States v. Paramount Pictures?

Studios could no longer own their own movie theaters

Is Betty Boop a Walt Disney production?

No, Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios and Paramount Pictures.

How many acres is paramount studio?

Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA is 65 acres.

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LA in the Paramount Studios

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Freezerburn - 2005 was released on: USA: 1 December 2005 (Paramount Pictures Studios) (premiere) USA: 9 December 2005 (limited)

What is filmed at paramount studios?

La shows include Jessie

Does Paramount Studios still have The Andy Griffith Show sets?

No, because Paramount never housed the sets.Cahuenga Studios in Hollywood, now called Witt-Thomas Studio is where the sets were located.