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Criminal Law

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Q: An offense that violates the right of citizens to live in peace is governed by?
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What does constatution mean?

We citizens of the USA to be able to create a better life, to have the government provide justice for its people, having peace at home, government protection, the happiness and well being of ourselves, and much more

What five propositions can be identified in the Preamble and what can you say about the order that they were written?

There are six propositions identified in the Preamble to the US Constitution: forming an improved nation and government, creating a system of justice, maintaining peace within the nation, but have a method of defense for external disputes, promote the well-being of citizens, and provide liberty to all citizens. The order they are written begins and ends with more vague propositions about a better union, well-being, and liberty, and the middle consists of the more specific measures: justice, peace, and a method for defense when peace fails. These three middle issues are interrelated, and the order in which they are placed makes logical sense.

State prudential reasons and moral reasons power of sharing?

Prudential reasons are:- i.) Helps to reduce tensions & conflicts. ii.)Brings peace & stability in the country. Moral reasons are:- i.) Citizens have stake in governance. ii.)It upholds the spirit of democracy.

Why do we need a democracy?

Simply to bind all the citizen of a country with the feeling og nationality.Further more only if democracy is maintained,there can be the sustainable peace in the nation which certainly lead the country in the path of innovation and development.

What president said you wish peace but you wishthe peace of justicethe peace of righteousness?

john Kennedy

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What can you do as young citizens to bring about peace and order in your community?

if there is no peace there is no what we called LOVE

What is the Texas law for citizen's arrest?

Texas Code of Criminal ProcedureArt. 14.01. [212] [259] [247] OFFENSE WITHIN VIEW.(a) A peace officer or any other person, may, without a warrant,arrest an offender when the offense is committed in his presenceor within his view, if the offense is one classed as a felony or asan offense against the public peace.

Why do large cities need to be governed by strong leaders?

To ensure peace and prosperity within the city.

Why is insure domestic tranquility important?

to insure peace with citizens.

Is driving 80mph on a 30mph residential street enough of an offense against public peace to make a citizens arrest?

You might want to look into federal and your state law about that, but that's a hell of a speeding ticket and reckless endangerment considering it's a residential street.

Does a peace bond show up on a criminal record check?

Only if the original reason for the Peace Bond being assessed was classified as a criminal offense.

Importance of peace in a country?

Peace is important so that the citizens will get along. Otherwise battles and wars will break out in a country.

What offense does okonkwo commit?

Okonkwo accidentally kills a tribesman.

What is a offense against the public order?

In the Uk a minor public order offence is called a Breach of the peace.

What the Justice of the peace does do in the Bahamas?

Grant affidavits, signs documents for citizens and the police

What is sentence for disturbing the peace in Louisiana?

First offense, ten days. Subsequent offenses, up to 90 days.

What is a offense against the public order called?

In the Uk a minor public order offence is called a Breach of the peace.