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yeah, there's a few, but they're more street smart than book smart.

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Q: Are there any highly educated people in naxalites?
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Does black American slavery exist today?

Slavery was abolished in America shortly after the Civil War, by constitutional amendment. Criminals (particularly pimps) are still sometimes able to enslave people, but this is highly illegal. People of African ancestry have exactly the same legal status in the US as people of European or any other ancestry. As Thomas Jefferson said, all men are created equal.

What are some bad things about the cultural revolution?

It was in China from 1966 to 1976. Mao was worried that his country was not a tue Communist country any more. During the campaign, schools and universities were closed, and educated people were sent to villages to work on the land. Old religious relics were destroyed, a lot of books were burned, the Red Guards were allowed to beat and torture anyone who they supposed to be opposing the Revolution. They were agressive, brutal, and the shocking thing is that they treated their family members, or even their parents very cruelly if they thought that they were against the ideas they considered as the only right thing. Young people became animals, beating their professors, teachers, priests, etc. Educated man were forced away from their homes without a hope to return, they were punished because Mao thought that they had become lazy (capitalists), and had not contributed to the country's wealth. They had to be reeducated, and recover from their uselessness.

How does the government gets its power from the people?

In any democracy, the people have a say in what goes on ( this is why we vote) this is often considered power.

Who said any people who will sacrifice there freedom for security will have nether?

Benjamin Franklin

What are elitists?

The elitist theory claims that in any society, only a small number of people hold the power. The people in this group are called the elites.

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What person was well educated and smart but became a criminal anyway?

There are any number of examples: Bernard Madoff, Michael Miliken, Martha Stewart, Tom DeLay, G. Gordon Liddy, among many others. Most highly intelligent, well-educated people who commit crimes get caught for fraud, tax evasion, or drugs, but there are also people like this who commit violent crimes.

If immigration is good for the US wouldn't it be much better for the US to get highly educated people from places like India China Russia rather than millions of poorly educated people from Mexico?

Well, I mean, from a purely logical point of view, yes, it would be better to have educated vrs. uneducated people to immigrate, but there are a bunch of problems with that idea: 1. It is a total stereotype that Chinese people are smart. China has billions of people. Some of them are highly educated, but the masses are just like the masses in Mexico: poor and untaught. We don't hear about them, because they aren't considered important enough for the international community to care about. And as for India and Russia, what makes you think that the average person there is highly educated? Sure, they go to school, but so do tons of people in dozens of countries. Did you just pick them out of thin air? 2. The people who are highly educated in those countries are not the types of people who have any desire to emigrate. Generally, people who have gone to college, etc have fairly cushy lives - not that they are rich, persay, but you need a reason to up and leave your own country, and the highly educated don't typically have one. 3. We can't pick and choose the people who come to this country, and like I said, the odds are that educated people will have no reason to come. We can't simply advertise - "US needs citizens; Smart people wanted! Sign up today!" 4. A lot of countries, especially the ones that you mentioned, don't give as much freedom to the people as America does. The geniuses and people with higher education might not even be allowed to leave (Don't quote me on this; it is speculation; I know nothing about laws in other countries). 5. This one is the biggie - just because someone comes from Mexico does not mean they are no good. Sometimes the uneducated are also the wisest. And on top of it, America is supposed to be the land of opportunity - people come here and learn. And the people who come from Mexico come because they need America, not because America needs them - and we have so much in this country, nobody grateful can begrudge that. 6. Finally, why do we need to import smart people at all? If we want educated people we should educate them ourselves. Instead of worrying about where people immigrate from, why don't we worry about reforming our school system! When will people grasp that kids don't learn BECAUSE THEY AREN"T TAUGHT! (forgive me the rant; school reform is a big issue for me) I hope I've answered your question!

What college majors can a epliptic do?

Someone with epilepsy can do almost anything they want in education. Many people with epilepsy are very highly educated and qualified. Everyone who has epilepsy is different, but epilepsy does not affect intelligence. Some people will find it hard to study for other practical reasons arising from their epilepsy, but the vast majority will be able to take on any academic challenge.

Were the people of the New York colony well-educated?

For the most part they were illiterate laborers, tradesmen and craftsmen. True the leadership was educated and competent but only a rare few would have had any formal education with the exception of the clergy.

Why is education unemployed a peculiar problem of India?

India has increased its literacy rate. More and more efforts are made to make people literate and educated. While on other side people are not getting jobs as per their need and any educated person is not ready to do a small or low grade works they remain unemployed.Other reason is that literacy has increased and employment opportunities are not much in comparison to that.Therefore, educated employment is a peculiar problem in India.

How do you get a fingo?

i dont know but it maby one of those people in nabooti. any how it is in nabooti. but i highly dout it is one of those people.

Is Uranus governed people are genius?

Being a gas giant, it is highly unlikely there is any life on Uranus.

Are the egyptians smarter than the Americans?

While Americans certainly are more educated, there is no country or race of people that are inherently smarter than any other.

What are the arguments for compulsory and free education in Pakistan?

The argument for free andcompulsory education in any country is that a country can not hope to succeed if its people are poorly educated. Even if you have a culture that does not particularly care about the well being of the individuals that make up its citizenry it can not prosper and protect its own security unless it people are well educated. Under educated people are usually poor and don't themselves understand the importance of education, there fore are unlikely to send them to school unless forced to.

Are there any physical differences between Jews and other people?

I highly doubt there are any physical differences between Jews and other people. Every is equal so there shouldn't be. However, that is my assumption.

Why is Nepal governed badly?

People who govern the country are not highly educated so this limits their way of running the government hence they cannot come up with any creative ideas. The citizens are easily misguided since they have the tendency to follow others like a sheep so they never take any action against government. The basic reason is because everybody is narrow minded and can never look outside the box.

Did the Virgin Mary have any education?

She was most likely educated in the Temple.