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In my order of preference:

Banjo (5-string)




Dog Box (String bass)

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The five most popular bluegrass instruments are difficult to determine. However, the most well known are the banjo, the fiddle, the harmonica, the guitar, and the dobro.

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Q: Big five of bluegrass instruments
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Which instruments were in the bluegrass big five?

Bluegrass is a sub-genre of country music that relies heavily on acoustic stringed instruments. Its five major instruments are the fiddle, the guitar, the mandolin, the five string banjo, and the upright bass.

What instrument is one of the big five of bluegrass?

. fiddle

What instruments did Bluegrass Roots use?

People of the Bluegrass Roots played the guitar, banjo, and violin.

When was Big Bluegrass Special created?

Big Bluegrass Special was created in 1962-11.

Who was the father of bluegrass?

This question could be open for much debate. If you are looking at "bluegrass" music, then it is undeniably Bill Monroe. Sometimes the argument arises that the instruments used in Bluegrass where around before Monroe, but it was indeed Bill Monroe that took those instruments and combined them into the core group of instruments that are still used in Bluegrass today. Monroe experimented with several combinations of instruments, even the accordion, before settling with mandolin, bass, guitar, banjo and fiddle.

What instruments has least important rhythmic role in a bluegrass band?

. fiddle

What bluegrass song has one in hell and five on the way?

you say i am done

What are the ratings and certificates for In the Mood The Big Band Era in the Bluegrass - 2003 TV?

In the Mood The Big Band Era in the Bluegrass - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

Which of these instruments is not among the big five of bluegrass instruments?

It depends on today, and yesterday's music. In the music of today in 2010, I can't think of any instruments that aren't related to most any form of music.An example of yesterday, Bluegrass, Country, and Folk Music didn't have the same instruments as Classical Music. Such instruments as French horns, violins, cellos, tubas, or clarinet's.Today, it's a different story. An example of that would be, a few years back, country artist Lori Morgan recorded a Christmas album with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.================================================================I believe the person asking the question is looking for a specific instrument, based in the bad grammar in the question itself. I believe the answer they are looking for is "Steel guitar."

What are the release dates for In the Mood The Big Band Era in the Bluegrass - 2003 TV?

In the Mood The Big Band Era in the Bluegrass - 2003 TV was released on: USA: 6 March 2003 (Kentucky)

Musical instruments played in folk bluegrass and country music?

Mandolins used in Bluegrass music often fill the melodies similar to a lead guitar, but can also lead rhythm.

Although folk country and bluegrass music share several musical instruments in common there's one instrument that is widely used in country music and almost never used in folk or bluegrass Which o?

the pedal steel guitar