Can a judge deny an appeal?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Can a judge deny appeal case on wrongful death conviction? Their no evidence lead to the person accused. One suspect never charge or investigated admit that he was the one after this person was arrest. The Investigators interigated this person and record only what they want to here to play blame on this person. There were no lawyer present nor any video operating during the interigating. In order for this young man save his life after the wrongful conviction of a crime that he was no where around. He accept the pled of life in prison without possible patrol. One persom suppose to be a witness in favor of the person involt the 5th ammendment rights for the lawyer. The person that admit the crime have been or is now in prison. The person involt the 5th ammendment have left the town or state. Something need to be done about this young Black man. He have been in prison too long. His brother was tried on the same case is now free from prison because either were guilty.

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Generally, no. In most common civil and criminal trials, a trial judge will adjudicate, and if an appeal is sought, the case is referred to an appeals court with the proper jurisdiction. This court is composed of different judges/justices than a trial court.

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Q: Can a judge deny an appeal?
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I a judge deny me Joint Shared Physical Custody now that I have 93 days visitation in Virginia?

They can deny it, but you can appeal. How well prepared is your case? see links

Who gets an appeal and why?

the judge

How can quarterly affect your ssi appeal and what proof are they looking for to deny you?


In New Jersey once you deny alimony can you go back to court to get it?

Only on appeal.

What is it called when a judge doesn't have good behavior?

An appeal.

Who do the representatives appeal to for rectitude of their intentions?

The Supreme Judge.

What to do when Probate Judge does not follow Arkansas law?

You would need to file an appeal from the judge's decision.

On what constitutional basis did the supreme court deny korematsu's appeal?

validate a descrimination on the basis of ancestry

If the US Supreme Court denies your case is there another court to appeal to?

No. The US Supreme Court is the final court of appeal; if they deny your case, the decision of the lower court stands. There is no other avenue of appeal.

How do you appeal a custody decision in Nebraska?

The first motion to appeal goes back to the judge who made the original decision.

Is it possible for the distict attorney to over rule the judge after a reversed appeal has been filed?

No. The DA cannot over-rule a judge. However, he CAN file a motion for re-consideration or, failing that, file an appeal of the judge's decision with the next higher court.

Can a judge deny you a public defender?

YES! If the Judge feels you do not qualify under the law and have adequate means of paying for one, then you will not get one.