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No hope for this generation.

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Q: Can a person get a dog pregnant?
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Can you cut a dog's hair when pregnant?

Clarification needed: when the dog is pregnant or when you are pregnant?

What is a pregnant dog called.....?

A pregnant dog is called a bitch.

Can you finger your female dog?

Sure you can, bu think its called beastiality where you have sexual behavior with an animal its against the law to do so.

Can you get pregnant from the sperm of your dog?

No, it is absolutely impossible for a human to get pregnant from a dog.

Is it bad to hold your dog a lot while pregnant?

Holding the dog is fine. Picking up a large dog up by yourself when pregnant is not.Who is pregnant, you or the dog????

A dog entered your garden and got your dog pregnant is that legal?

depends if you knew the owner cause if it wasn't legal then you would probably not be able to sue that person

"How long does a dog take to get pregnant?

A dog takes 58- 68 days to get pregnant.

Can dogs get hogs pregnant?

No. Animals can only get animals of their own species pregnant. A dog can only get a dog pregnant, a cat can only get a cat pregnant, etc.

Can you give a Flea bath to a pregnant dog?

No, it's not wise to bathe a pregnant dog in flea dip

Can you sue someone for letting your dog get pregnant?

If it's your dog that's pregnant, it's ultimately your responsibility.

What are the Symptoms after spaying a pregnant dog?

It is not possible to spay a pregnant dog without killing the unborn puppies.

Can a brother dog get a sister dog pregnant?