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In One Word What Makes a Good Person

All I am asking is for People to post this sign in your car, on the door of your house and where you work. Because I believe this one question will change the world.

Please do not answer this Question right away. It is a question that takes time and a lot of thinking to answer. In one word what makes a good person? For me I believe it is the word Tolerance. It should not matter what color you are, what you wear, what your political view is, what your country is, what your religion is, if you are pro life or pro choice, if you have a tattoo or not, what sexual orientation you are, how you eat or who your favorite sports team is. What ever you have chosen "Great you made a choice"- "I am proud of you" I love the choice that you made".

Now there is always Ying and Yang. When in life should I be the opposite, when should I be Intolerant? I believe I should be Intolerant

When someone is being a Bully!

When someone is being abused!

When someone is being gossiped about just to be put down.

When someone is being lazy! But not how you are thinking about lazy. What I mean is socially lazy.

When a person would rather talk to you to find out about another person instead of taking the time to find out about them themselves!

When someone is Intolerant to another person for what they believe in. The definition in the dictionary of a bigot is a person who is intolerant to another and/or their creed, what they believe in.

Or when someone is being selfish!

A good person should speak up because if you only do the first part of just being a good person you are only half a person. What I have also noticed is after I have explained what I have done and what that person has shown about themselves is that they change for the better, treating everyone else better than they did before. Because someone has spoken up, people start to look inward at them selves and at the word they might have used to answer this question. I put this sign in my car. In one word what makes a good person. Overnight people's attitudes changed for the better. The bullying has decreased towards others, there is no more abuse, the gossip is less and the selfishness has slowed down. At the same time though the people that I have proven one or more of the 6 things about them, is they hate me for the rest of their life. But this is OK they have changed for the better for everyone else.

If you happen to know of someone who hates me ask them "what did you prove about yourself to Wayne and did he have to speak up to you".

"What word would you chose to describe a good person."

This is the only thing that I can think of on how to explain why I am so lucky in the things that I do and the things that have happened to me after I have spoken up when someone has been this way. I cannot give any other Explanation. In having the courage to speak out when it is needed.

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Q: Change your thoughts and you change your world?
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