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When America was in the midst of what came to be called the "Cold War," the fear was that Communism was spreading throughout the world. President Harry Truman pledged that we would defend, with military or economic aid, any country that was under threat from a Communist takeover. This was known as the Truman Doctrine, and it was first articulated in 1947 when the president pledged to defend Greece and Turkey.

At the time, most Americans probably did not question it, since the public attitude tended to be very fearful of the Soviet Union's desire for expansion. Communism was portrayed as a totalitarian and atheistic philosophy that should be resisted before it took over the world.

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Q: Describe the Truman doctrine and how America reacted to it?
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Which postwar policy do the details in the excerpt below describe?

Answer this question… Truman Doctrine.

Was the criticism of the Truman Doctrine?

Truman Doctrine: America should interfere to prevent communism. It's obvious: should America, or should they not, interfere with other countries' affairs?

What were the consequences is Truman doctrine?

Truman Doctrine signaled America's post war embrace of global leadership and ended its longstanding policy of isolationism.

What famous doctrine first declared America's intention to contain Soviet expansion?

Truman Doctrine

What was the policy that called for the us to help any free nation threatened by communism?

The policy of the United States to provide aid to countries attempting to prevent a communist takeover was called the Truman Doctrine. Harry S. Truman was America's 33rd President.

the truman doctrine said that?

America would fight to limit the spread of Communism :)

What werer the provisions of the Truman doctrine?

america would fight to limit the spread of communism

Would you please show me how to make a sentence using the Truman Doctrine?

Did Harry or Bess introduce the Truman Doctrine? The Truman Doctrine stopped the buck here.

What opposed the truman doctrine?

The Monroe Doctrine was in direct opposition to the Truman Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine said the US should not interfere with events in Europe.

Who made Truman doctrine?

Harry S. Truman

What was the basic idea of the Truman Doctrine?

The Truman Doctrine was the US policy of trying to contain the spread of communism

What did the threat of Communism in Greece and Turkey lead to?

Harry Truman announced the "Truman Doctrine" plan to aid any country in such a situation.