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After enslaved Africans reached the colonies, all of them were taken to slave markets and sold to new owners. After that, the picture changes on how they were treated. There is a quote, "There are different degrees of slavery, when you are free, you are free." Every story you hear about how slaves were treated is true. Some were beaten. Some were nearly starved. Some were forced to work in brothels. Some lived quite well. The planters on the Carolina coast would leave the Gulahs to run the plantations. Meanwhile, the planters would spend May through September in Rhode Island. The slaves did as they liked. They did not run away. So, you had people living in total degredation and some living in better conditions. Most lived in between. While some even lived better than some of the white people in the community, none lived as well as their owners.

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most enslaved people had been captured in the interior of Africa.the captives were chained around the neck and then marched to the coast.

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Very poorly

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Q: Explain how enslaved africans were treated after they reached the colonies in the Americas?
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