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Third world countries can get richer by spending more of the national income on infrastructure projects and technology exchange. Less corruption will also ensure that there is less wastage of national resources.

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Q: How can third world countries get richer?
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Is it third countries or third world countries in a sentence?

Third World countries.

Where are the Core areas of the world?

include the area where the richer countries are clustered

What does third world debt?

Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries. Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries.

How many third world countries are in the world today?

There are 47 third world countries today.

What is third world debt?

third world countries which are in debt to countries which have more money and material. Third world is when devolving countries are in debt. countries like Africa which have no money or materials .

United Nations and FIFA who is the richer?

F.I.F.A is richer then U.E.F.A, as F.I.F.A contains all the countries in the world and U.E.F.A has only Europen countries.

What fraction of the world's countries are third world countries?

There is no universally accepted definition of "third world country" as it was a term used during the Cold War to categorize countries based on political ideologies. However, based on common understanding, roughly one-third of the world's countries could be considered third world countries.

Are the Philippines and India considered Third World countries?

No. Phillippines and India are not considered Third World countries.

Is Ethiopia a third-world country?

Yes, but third-world countries are now called "developing countries."

What is third world dept?

the third world dept is the poor countries dept the poor countries are the third world hello is gay and ameh rfor pusyols

What is a Third World countries?

Answer"Third World" is a term whose meaning has changed over the years.Originally, it was a country not part of the Old World--Europe--or the New World--the Americas. Then it was a country that wasn't aligned with NATO or the Warsaw Pact.Now it's a country that's lacking in at least one important respect. Most people say "that's just the poor countries," but Saudi Arabia--where vast oil riches abound--is not a poor country but its extremely severe justice system, featuring religious police and public beheadings, makes it a Third World country.Answer A third world country is a country that isn't very well off per se. Countries in Africa are considered third world because they are not very rich countries. Countries like Canada and the USA are not third world because they are richer and more financially well off.

Why dont western countries give to third world countries?

They do give to Third World countries. Keep in mind the First World countries also have their own needs to take care of, and the corruption which runs rampant throughout most of the Third World has caused a good portion of the contributions made by the rest of the world to vanish and reappear as lavish homes occupied by the leaders of those Third World countries.